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Man Of Roses
p119 A. G. Furness. 1941.

p123 A. G. Furness. 1941
(1990)  Page(s) 119.  
A. W. Jessep (listed by T. G. Stewart) Cerise. 1952
p40 …..Instead by the end of 1886, things were moving to crisis point. Alister, Aggie and Jessie accompanied by Jack Barclay, another Clark cousin who had met Aggie earlier, arrived in Melbourne on 19 December aboard SS Clyde. ……….. Six weeks later, Aggie announced that she was to marry Jack Barclay.

p66. Another person who wrote to Walter at this time was Jack Barclay, now in Sydney. (He and Aggie spent half their lives travelling to and from Australia).

p82 Aggie had warned him [Alister] in mid-November that he might be needed in Sydney, but it was another month before Jack Barclay died.

p110 Jack Barclay (1853-1910) married Aggie Clark (1858-1939)

p119. Agnes Barclay. Yellow red-salmon. HT, 1927. Tea-scent.
p119 Argosy. 1938. Everbl.

p123 Argosy. NRS NSW
(1990)  Includes photo(s).
p97 Photograph [by T. Nottle]

p102 It ('Lorraine Lee') was particularly popular in South Australia. Later a climbing sport was developed which was not, however, as vigorous as the original. Other sports were yellow 'Baxter’s Beauty' and 'Lady Mann' which Alister thought an improvement on 'Lorraine Lee' but which has never caught the public’s fancy.

p119 'Baxter Beauty'. Apricot sport of 'Lorraine Lee'.
(1990)  Page(s) 119.  
Beatrice McGregor. Deep red 1938. Thornless.
p102 ‘Billy Boiler’ (if it survives anywhere) is a dazzling red pillar....

p119 Billy Boiler. Dazzling red. 1927. Bed or Pil. Oskar Cordell x ?
p119 Bonnie Doune. Cl. 1941

p123 Bonnie Doune Cl.
(1990)  Includes photo(s).
p80. picture

p119. Borderer. Pink, copper, amber. Poly, 1918. Everblooming.
p119 Bright Boy. 1941. Everbl.

p123 Bright Boy. 1941.
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