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The Royal Horticultural Society Plant Guides: Roses
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 27.  Includes photo(s).
Abbeyfield Rose Large-flowered bush (Hybrid Tea) Cocker (Scotland) 1985 ('Cocbrose') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 34.  
Alec's Red Large-flowered bush (Hybrid Tea) Cocker (Scotland) 1970 ('Cored') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 36.  Includes photo(s).
Alexander Large-flowered bush (Hybrid Tea) Harkness (England) 1972 ('Alexandra') Parentage given: 'Super Star' [aka 'Tropicana'] x ('Ann Elizabeth' x 'Allgold') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 25.  Includes photo(s).
Anisley Dickson Cluster-flowered bush (Floribunda) Dickson (Northern Ireland) 1983 ('Dickimono', 'Dicky', 'Münchner Kindl') Parentage: 'Coventry Cathedral' [aka 'Cathedral'] x 'Memento'. Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 24.  Includes photo(s).
Anna Livia Cluster-flowered bush (Floribunda) Kordes (Germany) 1985. ('Kormetter', 'Trier 2000') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 41.  Includes photo(s).
Arthur Bell Cluster-flowered bush (Floribunda) McGredy (Northern Ireland) 1965. Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 43.  Includes photo(s).
Baby Love Dwarf cluster-flowered bush (Patio bush) Scrivens (England) 1995 ('Scrivluv') Parentage given: 'Sweet Magic' x (Seedling x Rosa davidii var. elongata). Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 43.  Includes photo(s).
Benita Cluster-flowered bush (Floribunda) Dickson (Northern Ireland) 1995 ('Dicquarrel') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 38.  Includes photo(s).
Big Purple Large-flowered bush (Hybrid Tea) Stephens (New Zealand) 1987 ('Stebigpu', 'Nuit d'Orient', 'Stephens' Big Purple') Description.
(Jul 1996)  Page(s) 25.  Includes photo(s).
Blessings Large-flowered bush (Hybrid Tea) Gregory (England) 1968. Description.
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