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p30. 1959 Novelty Roses. Collection No. 2. ‘Agnes Lucke’ Brilliant bi-colour. 12/6

p32[k] ‘Agnes Lucke’ (HT) (Armbrust, 1959. This charming Queensland raised variety was named in honour of the mother of the famous Bundaberg quadruplets. This delightful bi-colour is a cerise pink inside, with whitish pink on the outside of each petal. A lovely bud developing into a delightful fully-double bloom. Slightly fragrant. 12/6.
(1963)  Page(s) 12.  
'Agnes Lucke'. Cerise pink with pale pink reverse.
(1962)  Page(s) 18.  
Agnes Lucke (HT. A Queensland rose named in honour of the famous Bundaberg quads' mother. colour is cerise pink inside, with whitish pink on the outside of each petal. A very lovely rose.
(1972)  Page(s) 18.  
Floribunda Roses. 'Sir Alec Rose'. Produces ample bloom of rich red generally spread throughout the bush. Of vigorous growth.
(1973)  Page(s) 15.  
Novelty Roses of 1973. Apricot Amatsu (H.T.) (Langbecker, 1973). A sport of the renowned yellow Amatsu Otome discovered at our Nursery. Has all of the favourable characteristics, is an apricot pink to apricot salmon shade. Same perfection of form in its bud and double status, same style of growth. This is a lovely colour; in fact, this new Sport is a real beauty. $2.25.
(1974)  Page(s) 15.  
Apricot Amatsu (H.T.) (Langbecker, 1973). “Sport” from the yellow Amatsu-Otome and has the same outstanding characteristics. Colouring apricot pink to apricot salmon. Beautifully formed, holds its colour well in all conditions.
(1975)  Page(s) 14.  
Apricot Amatsu. Beautifully formed apricot pink to apricot salmon.
(1967)  Page(s) 11.  
Arabian Nights (McGredy 1963) A charming salmon-orange with deeper tonings with wonderful colour stability. Produces lots of choice bloom on a vigorous healthy bush. Flowers keep fresh right through to petal drop.
(1967)  Page(s) 11.  Includes photo(s).
Arthur Bell....
(1946)  Page(s) 9.  
Australian Beauty. Rich crimson; handsome foliage.
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