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Rosen, Obst und Zierbäume / Roses, Fruit Trees and Trees (1914/1915)
(1914)  Page(s) 13.  
Tea Roses. Abbé Garroutte (Bonnaire 02), coppery yellow with carmine-pink, solitary, vigorous.
(1914)  Page(s) 16.  
Hybrid Teas. Abbé Luis G. Orozco. Bright carmine-red with velvety cherry-red, edges carmine-pink. Floriferous.
(1914)  Page(s) 10.  
Polyantha Abelle Weber-Paté Lambert. Very compact, 40 cm, upright; floriferous and constantly blooming, pure-white, lasting
(1914)  Page(s) 10.  
Polyantha Abundance. Compact, carnation-pink, double. Suitable as short hedge-rose
(1914)  Page(s) 15.  
Hybrid Teas. Admiral Dewey. Sport of Mme. C. Testout. Silvery pink, passing to white. Group rose
(1914)  Page(s) 9.  
Repeating Climbers (Lambertiana Race)
Adrian Reverchon Lambert (repeating Leuchtstern). Medium size, single, carmine-pink blooms with white centres at the end of 1-2 m long canes and at emerging side branches.
(1914)  Page(s) 10.  
Polyantha Aennchen Müller. 40-50 cm, coral-pink. Group, standard and container rose
(1914)  Page(s) 3.  
Once-blooming climbers. Aglaia Lambert (multiflora), light yellow, later cream-white, fine fragrance; early blooming
(1914)  Page(s) 6.  
Hybrid Wichurana Alberic Barbier, large foliage, double, 6-8 cm diameter, beautiful milk-white, canary-yellow centre. Buds deep yellow. Blooms in June. Tea rose fragrance.
(1914)  Page(s) New Roses, p. 1.  
Newest roses for 1914. Climbers. Albert Lablotais (Bénard). Velvety purple with fire-red, foliage disease-free, lasting.
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