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Late Victorian Roses
(Oct 1979)  Page(s) 34.  Includes photo(s).
Lady Mary Fitzwilliam 1882. Hybrid Tea. This rose, thought to be ‘Lady Mary Fitzwilliam’ and found at Caston, Norfolk by Keith Money, bears much resemblance to early black and white prints of that variety. If it is ‘Lady Mary ‘then it is an important find. For several years she has been thought extinct in all but progeny, for she was an important parent to many of the early Hybrid Teas and was the first British Hybrid Tea of any significance. One wonders why a lone plant should survive in a Norfolk garden. Perhaps this rose has a stronger constitution than the Victorians would have us believe; and this particular plant found solace away from the tedium of winning prizes and being stared at in the captivity of an exhibition hall. Even if the plant is of a different rose, in anonymity it still represents the sort of flower so favoured in Victorian times.

Picture - Back cover.
(Oct 1979)  Includes photo(s).
p31. Mme. Berkeley. 1899. Tea. ....This variety is one of many re-discoveries made by Mr. L. Arthur Wyatt, and lovers of old roses are indebted to him for his dedication to the old varieties, especially the early Teas, Hybrid Teas and Hybrid Perpetuals. His patient research has established the authenticity of many old varieties previously though extinct.
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