Die Rose: Geschichte, Arten, Kultur und Verwendung (The Rose: History, Kinds, Culture and Use)
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Die Rose: Geschichte, Arten, Kultur und Verwendung (The Rose: History, Kinds, Culture and Use)
(1880)  Page(s) annex, p. 22.  
hybrid perpetual, hybrid china, à Bouquet de Marie (Damaizin, 1859), white with greenish touch, medium size, double, fine form, cluster-flowered, floriferous; hybrid noisette.
(1880)  Page(s) annex, p. 22.  
bourbon, à Bouquet de Vierge (Soupert et Notting, 1874), white, shaded pink and yellowish reflexes; small, full, regular, floriferous in large clusters.
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 22.  
alba, à Bouquet parfait, vivid pink, medium size, full
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 21.  
tea, à Bouquet (Liabaud, 1873), white, striped with vermillion-red, large, double, cluster-flowered.
(1880)  Page(s) 50, annex.  
1861. indica Noisetteana. à Fleurs variables, Blume rosa, Centrum orangepurpur, veränderlich, mittelgross, gefüllt.

Translation: Noisette. à Fleurs variables, The average-sized, full flower is pink with a orange center, passing to purple,
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 54.  
hybrid perpetual. Geoffroy de St. Hilaire (Eug. Verdier, 1878), beautiful vivid cherry-red, medium or large, double, very fine regular cupped form, extra beautiful.
(1880)  Page(s) 71.  
moss, à Long pedoncule, tender flesh-coloured, medium size, blooms in large clusters, yellow-olive green mossed, vigorous, this valuable rose is suitable for high pyramids and the like.
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 101.  
hybrid perpetual, Odeur de Jacinthe, tender pink, medium size, full, perfect form, hyacinth fragrance.
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 105.  
hybrid china, à Pétales mucronés, pink, varying, medium size, full, petals prickly tipped.
(1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 3.  
hybrid perpetual. Abadie de Rougemont (Lartay, 1854), fire-red, medium size, double; similar to Géant des Batailles.
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