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Vintage Gardens Book of Roses
(2006)  Page(s) 23.  Includes photo(s).
Belle Amour A. No rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit diagram 2. unknown, re-intro 1940. [Provenance Huntington]. A very warm pink rose with large-petalled flowers of rich, spicy scent. Not typical for an Alba but showing many affinities to the class, including luxurious foliage. A very special rose and a graceful addition to the garden.
(2006)  Page(s) 11.  
Gallicas...Belle Herminie No rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Low, suckering and dense. Coquerel, c. 1848 (Worl; l'Haÿ)...Flat, perfectly quartered blooms of deep crimson shaded rosy lavender, touched red at the heart; complex and rich.
(2006)  Page(s) 106.  
"Belmont Yellow". Pol. Good reliable rebloom. Good fragrance. Habit [diagram] 3. Found. [Provenance: Roses Unlimited]. Creamy yellow flowers open flat, full of petals with a tight bunch of golden stamens. This charming rose is fragrant and a heavy bloomer. A most promising foundling!
(2006)  Page(s) 184.  
A seedling of the brilliant HT, Christopher Stone, flowers deep red, fragrant, large and high centered. These open nearly flat, with large petals, reminiscent of some double Rugosa hybrids in bloom.
(2006)  Page(s) 79.  
Chinas. "Bengale d'Automne". Good, reliable rebloom. Good fragrance. Laffay, 1825..Large flowers of deep rose, paler at the petal bases, sweetly scented with a hint of pepper. Having grown this for several years now, we cannot distinguish it from Old Blush, though it is perhaps a very fine form of that rose.
(2006)  Page(s) 83.  
"Bermuda Catherine Mermet" [see also 'Rubens'] T. Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Breeder and date unknown. [Provenance: Manners; Bernuda]. This foundling from Bermuda with cupped pink flowers with a creamy undertone is the same as what is grown by us as 'Rubens', which may indeed be a false attribution. Gwen Fagan in Roses at the Cape of Good Hope portrays this with the name 'Archimedes', a name which she points out has not been found in the old literature.
(2006)  Page(s) 95.  
"Bermuda Kathleen". Noisette (T). Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram] 1. Provenance: Knopf]. A semi-double hybrid that has a shrubby, spreading habit of growth, fragrant blooms in large clusters, and flowers that undergo a color change, starting cream to blush and finishing lilac-rose to dark pink. Believed to be a chance seedling of 'Mutabilis', we suspect the other parent may have been an Old Noisette, and the plant could easily be included in this group, if not for the mutable color. One of the Bermuda mystery roses.
(2006)  Page(s) 89.  
"Soncy" ['Alexander Hill Gray']. T. Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram] 3. Found. [Provenance: Manners; Bermuda]. Large lemon-ivory to ivory-white high centered blooms with a delicious Tea scent; stems plum colored, leaves olive green. We offer this because it is one of the Bermuda mystery roses, but believe it identical with 'Alexander Hill Gray'.
(2006)  Page(s) 89.  
"Trinity". T. Rapid rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram] 2. Bermuda, found. [Provenance: Manners; Bermuda]. In Everblooming Roses, Georgia Torrey Drennan lists among her white Tea roses one she calls Rosa Alba, and remarks "The first white Tea rose. Semi-Double". this raises a flag for us in trying to identify this simple, semi-double Tea found in Bermuda. We find no other reference to a Tea rose by this name. Lovely, clean white blossoms on a bushy and productive plan that is one of our favorite Tea roses, simple as it is.
(2006)  Page(s) 80.  
"Mableton Crimson China" (Cramoisi Supérieur?, "Wingood China", Agrippina?). China. Best fragrance. Fair rebloom. Mass of wood often wider than tall. (Provenance: Matson). Small, globular lacquer-red flowers pale on the reverse with a dwarf habit, rarely over 2' tall. Perhaps only a slight variation on CRAMOISI SUPÉRIEUR, or perhaps another, very similar cultivar whose name is lost. Sold to us as AGRIPPINA, and identical to the Bermuda rose known as "WINGOOD CHINA".
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