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Trees And Shrubs Of British Columbia
(1996)  Page(s) 191.  Includes photo(s).
Rosa acicularis Lindley
Shrub 30-120 cm tall. Stems generally densely armed with straight slender prickles and bristles. The infrastipular prickles are indistiguishable from the rest. Flowers usually solitary, occasionally twos or threes, 4-5 cm across. Fruit ovoid or pear-shaped, with a pronounced neck, up to 2 cm long by 1 cm wide, crowned by the erect sepals. Illustration.
Range: circumboreal and southward along the Rocky Mountains to Colorado and New Mexico. Widespread and common across Britich Columbia east of the Coast Range.
(1996)  Page(s) 188-189.  
Rosa gymnocarpa Nuttall Baldhip Rose, Dwarf Rose
Slender, bristly stems .6-1.6 m tall; the prickles straight, weak, the infrastipular ones barely distinguishable from the others. Leaves with 5-9 leaflets. Leaflets biserrate with fine gland-tipped teeth; flowers 20-35 mm across, solitary or in small clusters, deep rose-coloured; sepals triangular without appendages, deciduous after flowering. Fruit ovoid to almost spherical with no calyx when rip. Illustration.
(1996)  Page(s) 191.  
Rosa nutkana Presl
Shrub .3 - 3 m tall, armed with stout, straight or curved prickles, the infrastipular prickles distinctly larger than the internodal ones. Leaves with 5-9 leaflets; stipules dilated, glandular; rachis glandular and often prickly; leaflets oval, rounded at both ends or acute at tips, hairy and gland dotted beneath, serrate. Flowers solitary or in twos or threes, 50-75 mm across. Sepals sometimes leaflike. Fruit usually globular, 1 cm or more in diameter. Illustration.
var. nutkana distinguished by infrastipular prickles that are very stout and leaflet margins double serrate and glandular. Range: coastal in thickets from Alaska to California.
(1996)  Page(s) 191.  
Rosa nutkana Presl var. hispida Fernald
Distinguished from R. nutkana var. nutkana by:
Leaf margin simply serrate without glands and infrastipular spines rather slender.
Range: British Columbia east of the Coast Range and south to Colorado
(1996)  Page(s) 189.  
Rosa pisocarpa Gray
Shrub 1-2 M tall, the stems armed with straight, slender infrastipular prickles, or sometimes unarmed. Leaflets 5-7, oblong to ovate, simply serrate, hairy beneat, without marginal glands. Petioles shot, hairy; stipules slightly glandular-toothed, hairy. Flowers 20-30 mm across, usually in terminal cluster. Fruit small, subglobose, dark red with short neck, 7-9 mm wide. Illustration. Can be distinguished from coastal R. nutkana var. nutkana, with which it may grow, by its simply serrate leaf margins. Those of R. nutkana in British Columbia nearly always display biserrate margins.
Range: Southern British Columbia to California west of the Coast and Cascade Ranges, in swamps and moist thickets.
(1996)  Page(s) 189.  
Rosa woodsii Lindley
Shrub up to 2 m tall, variably armed with prickles; internodal prickles, when present, are finer than the infrastipular ones, straight or curved. Leaflets 5-9. Flowers 1-5 in terminal cluster, 30-45 mm across; sepals 5-9 mm long. Fruit small with short neck, crowned by erect or spreading sepals.
Range: Interior British Columbia east to Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and Wisconsin, south to California.
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