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The Rose Garden (Second Ed. 1863)
(1863)  Page(s) 204.  
(hybrid) ; flowers blush pink, sometimes marbled, of medium size, full; form, expanded; blooming abundantly, and in clusters.
(1863)  Page(s) 275.  
Noisette. Aimée Vibert Scandens; resembles 'Aimée Vibert', but of more vigorous growth.
(1863)  Page(s) 236.  
Albert de Stella; flowers dark red. Second-rate.
(1863)  Page(s) 232.  
Perpetual Moss. Alfred de Dalmas; buds rose-colour, flowers light pink, blush edges; produced in clusters; distinct and good. Growth, robust.
(1863)  Page(s) 267.  
The Tea-Scented Rose.
3. Amabilis; flowers flesh-colour, buff centres, thick petals, large and full; form, expanded; habit, branching. Growth, vigorous. A good hardy free sort.
(1863)  Page(s) 237.  
The Hybrid Perpetual.
22. André Desportes; flowers rose-colour, large and full. A seedling from 'Lord Raglan'. Growth vigorous.
(1863)  Page(s) 264.  
In the chapter "Rosa Indica: Group XXVIII-The Chinese or Monthly Rose:
Archduke Charles, and many others classed here, are distinct and beautiful as variegated Roses: they expand rose and white, soon becoming mottled with, then changing wholly to, crimson, from the action of the sun's rays.

Archduke Charles Flowers rose, their margin almost white when newly explanded, gradually changing to rich crimson, from which peculiarity the plant bears flowers of various tints at the same time; very large and full; form, expanded.
(1863)  Page(s) 267.  
The Tea-Scented Rose.
4. Archimède; flowers rosy fawn, darker centres, large and full; form, expanded. Growth, moderate.
(1863)  Page(s) Div. II. p. 237.  
Hybrid Perpetual...Ardoisée de Lyon; flowers purple, very large, opens indifferently. Second-rate.
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