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'Softee' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 106-621
most recent 22 NOV 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 NOV 17 by Claire
Another follow up on this rose, four years after my last. I have not had much time for cultivation and have been away often in the summer as my parents needed me more. My roses had no water or care in summer and many of them died, only the Earthkind roses really going strong, and even Mutabilis gave up the ghost after Hurricane Harvey. The shade has increased in the spot where softee is planted, but softee increased with it, turning the corner of the house, sending out canes up to fourteen feet reaching for the light, crossing the fence and shrubbery to bloom on the sunside in the neighbors yard. Canes at the base are thick as my thumb. Never watered, lives in dry shade. This stress test replicates what Earthkind roses go through except for obvious reasons they are not typically given full shade. Rooted cuttings I took in 2013 also survived with minimal care in a pot. Now I've moved my mom here to a new house where I have a strip of sun along the south side. I brought the potted softee with me, and started to water it; it sent out a long root through the bottom of the pot before I got a chance to put it in the ground. I am not sure what I'm going to do with the mother plant, but it deserves a chance in a better location. This rose will survive anything, has been through transplant, flood, drought, and never gives up. The only trouble is finding a spot with consistent afternoon shade to protect the blooms.
Discussion id : 73-057
most recent 15 JUL 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 JUL 13 by Claire
Another update, Oct 2014 to say I've trellised it, I cannot keep it short by pruning, it wants to be big, but it is very docile, willing to go where it is put, absolutely thornless and easy to handle. I am growing it around the corner with trellises on both sides of the house corner. It remains happy in this position and I am very fond it it now. I am going to try rooting some cuttings this winter (mindful Kim Rupert says it is difficult to root) to see if the clones are as vigorous.

Another update, in July. My Jefferson Rose is blooming a little more nicely in the shade than it did in the sun; flowers are small (due to triple digit temps) but they keep their yellow color up to 24 hours and don't fade or start looking like used toilet paper till day two. Foliage still going strong, not a speck of disease. The canes are reaching for the light and I would say they want to go 5-8 feet. I can't decide whether to tie it up or cut it back. I can't find anyone who suggests Softee is a climber, exactly, no one says it has 8 foot canes. Very healthy and uncomplaining plant though, flourishing under the eaves of the house where I do not always remember to water it. Not a plant for full sun in Houston.
Discussion id : 68-627
most recent 7 DEC 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 7 DEC 12 by Claire
Update on my last --
I moved Jefferson Rose to a new location where it now should get only morning sun even through the summer. It cut it back by about half to move it, and it never sulked but immediately began to put out new leaves, and is again full and beautiful, all its leaves untouched by age or disease, new foliage crisp shiny yellow green, but rimmed in red, the red rims almost a picotee, very distinctive foliage, about four feet high. Graceful. It is early December and it is putting out casual bits of blossom, very slowly, in the proper yellow apricot color which lasts for a day or two and the blooms are nice at first opening, and even after the blossoms fade to white it is not so bad--not breathtaking, but way better than it looked in full sun in summer. The fully open white blossoms have a very faint pink tint.
Discussion id : 67-131
most recent 26 SEP 12 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 26 SEP 12 by Claire
I have this plant in Houston TX. I put in a small plant in spring from Chamblees into a sunny spot and it immediately and rapidly grew rather larger than described with longest canes at about 5 feet. I've been pruning back a bit to deep it in bounds. It has other characteristics and the foliage looks "right" for Jefferson rose -- small leaves, graceful and thornless as they say, so I am pretty certain it is the right plant.

The only problem is that I can't stand the flowers, which open barely yellow and fade to a dirty white within hours, and then turn brown and stay clinging to the cane forever. I have yet to see any of the peachier yellows shown in the pictures (which I love). For the most part I just nip off the flowers at the end of the first day of bloom so I don't have to look at them. Considering moving to a shady spot.
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