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'SIMcho' rose References
Website/Catalog  (7 Aug 2016)  Includes photo(s).
Choca Mocha Simcho. Floribunda - Exclusive. Bred by Nola Simpson, this beautiful and sumptuous roses was named in New Zealand as the original Hot Chocolate rose, first introducing a new and unique colour to the world of roses, fascinating deep red brown russet semi double blooms which darken down to a deep brown red with good fragrance and healthy polished foliage, repeat
Book  (2011)  
p9. Obituary. Nola Mary Simpson. Nola like novelty in roses and this was seen with.... and also in her introduction of the brown tones in 'Hot Chocolate' (the most successful commercially of all her releases)....

p37. Hayden Foulds. Pick of the Bunch. 'Hot Chocolate' (Sincho) - Silver Star of the City of Palmerston North and Gold Star of the South Pacific 1986. Described by Sam McGredy as a super-duper rose, our own Nola Simpson took brown roses to new heights with this one. An excellent all-round, and has been very popular over the years with many.
Book  (2006)  Includes photo(s).
p48 Photo. 'Hot Chocolate'.

p50. Nola Simpson and John Ford. Breeding for Chocolate Brown Colours in Roses. In the 1980s the picture changed with the introduction of this more vigorous strain and a complete new line of breeding. Important cultivars include .... and 'Hot Chocolate' (SIMcho). These roses are all noteworthy for their vigour and health and they pass on their attributes to their offspring.

p51 ibid. A seedling from 'Princesse' and 'Tane' crossed with 'Mary Sumner' produced probably our best rose to date 'Hot Chocolate' (SIMcho) (see Photo 2). This rose is very healthy and vigorous and the brown colour is velvety with attractive shadings in the petals.
Book  (2004)  Page(s) 276.  Includes photo(s).
'Hot Chocolate'....
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 308.  Includes photo(s).
Hot Chocolate (SIMcho) Floribunda. Simpson (New Zealand) 1986. Parentage: 'Princess' x ('Tana' x 'Mary Sumner')... this variety created a sensation when released because it was a brand new color -- a deep rich orange, so dark that as the flowers age it could be described as a soft brown...
Book  (1996)  
p79. Nola Simpson. Rose Breeding My Way.
....As a result she has produced Hot Chocolate, 'Cafe au Lait', 'Off Beat' and 'Dark Moment' to name some of the more outstanding.

p147. The Editor. These two very good roses should be more widely grown. Colourbreak ('Brown Velvet'). ('Mary Sumner' x 'Kapai') 1983 is a most unique shade in the brown or burnt orange colour range. Compares with Nola Simpson's Hot Chocolate but a more intense colour and a larger cluster of flowers.
Book  (1995)  Page(s) 45.  
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 219.  Includes photo(s).
Hot Chocolate Cluster-flowered. Parentage unknown. J.W. Simpson 1986. Description... a brand new color... a deep rich orange, so dark that it can be described fairly as a velvet brown...
Book  (1991)  Page(s) 104.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1990-91 Season. Floribundas.
'Hot Chocolate' SIMchocho; Simpson 1986; 'Princesse' x ('Tane' x 'Mary Sumner); red russet to brown tonings; 65 reports on 100 bushes; 1-7 years; 1.4 metres; 7.5 rating. The few who rate this around six did so because of dislike of the colour and the fade to a dirty ugly shade, plus some attacks of mildew. That understood, all other reporters liked the colour, would overlook the fading (deadheading attends to that), and forgive the little disease that does come. The bush blooms in mid-spring, with blooms in small clusters, repeat being a trifle slow. Bloom form is informal. Petals do not drop as easily as is desirable. The bush grows well with good shiny pointed foliage. Health is above average in most areas. This rose is definitely a "talking point", but also very worthwhile growing if you like the colour.
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 93.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1989-90 Season. Floribundas.
'Hot Chocolate' SIMchocho; Simpson 1986; 'Princesse' x ('Tane' x 'Mary Summer'); russet red to brown;
15 reports; 27 bushes; 1-6 years; l.4m; 7.4 rating. Blooms and colour are best in spring from this 1985 winner of the Gold Star P.N. All reports like the dark russet colour of the blooms and even the old faded blooms are not entirely objectionable. The colour really glows in the sunlight. Blooms come mostly in small clusters. Repeat is a little slow. Bush growth is green, looks well and is healthy. The bush takes a year or two to really settle down. Highly recommended as a rose in this unusual colouring for garden display.
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