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'Mademoiselle Franziska Krüger' rose References
Magazine  (2019)  Page(s) 51. Vol 41, No. 1.  
Margaret Furness.  Tea, Noisette and China Mislabels in Australia.
Souvenir d’Elise Vardon in commerce here and elsewhere is Mlle Franziska Krüger. (Called “Freddy Krȕger” by some who don’t like its proliferative habit.)
Book  (28 Apr 2002)  Page(s) 78.  
[Listing of roses at L'Haÿ in 1902]
Tea roses
1788. Mademoiselle Francisca Krüger, (Nabonnand 1879), jaune et rose
Book  (2001)  Page(s) 196.  
Mlle. Franziska Krüger (Nabonnand, 1879)
From 'Catherine Mermet' (T) x 'Général Schablikine' (T)
['Grand-Duc héritier de Luxembourg' is no longer stated as a synonym]
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 346.  
Mlle. Franziska Krüger Tea, coppery yellow and pink, center often green, 1880, 'Catherine Mermet' x 'Gén. Schablikine'; Nabonnand, G. Description.
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 109.  Includes photo(s).
('Mlle. Franziska Krüger', 'Grand Duc Héritier de Luxembourg') Tea. Heat tolerant. Nabonnand (France) 1879. ('Catherine Mermet' x General Schablikine') Repeats. Liable to mildew. Height: 3 1/2 ft. Good scent.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 50.  
Mlle Franziska Krüger ('Grand Duc Héritier de Luxembourg') Tea. Nabonnand, 1879. Parentage: 'Catherine Mermet' x 'Général Schablikine'. [Author cites information from different sources.]
Article (misc)  (1954)  Page(s) 38.  
Mlle. F. Kreuger 14 chromosomes.
Website/Catalog  (1938)  Page(s) 21.  
Tea. Franziska Krüger (Nabonnand 80). Flesh-coloured, with copper-yellow and pink, old well-known sort.
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 73.  
M-lle Franziska Krüger Tea (Nabonnand 1890) [pollen quality] 80%
Website/Catalog  (1936)  Page(s) 5.  
Franziska Krüger Tea (Nabonnand 1879) Description.
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