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Rogue Valley Roses
Discussion id : 111-916
most recent 3 JUL HIDE POSTS
Initial post 3 JUL by Grim
Looks like Rogue Valley Roses is barely in business anymore? No updates to website or inventory. No response to emails. Last two orders have had some pretty weak plants and they seem to send this rather ugly little white rebloomer when they don't have the actual rose one orders. I have four of them now... :(
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Initial post 13 AUG 14 by jasminerose
I ordered a very hard to find rose from the Rogue Valley Roses website and was very pleased with the healthy plant I received. I'm now a repeat customer. They had a bit of trouble filling my second order, because as they explained, it was in stock when I ordered it, but when they went to pull the plant there was an issue that they were previously unaware of. I understand that roses are by nature, unpredictable. I appreciate that Rogue Valley Roses wouldn't mail me a rose that didn't meet their standards. What I didn't expect was a personal call from the manager, offering me the rose from their own garden collection, so that I wouldn't have to wait until they could propagate more. I was really touched by the generosity and professionalism of this nursery.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 AUG 17 by mamabotanica
that's great! I ordered a very unique rose from them a week ago and still have no confirmation of my order. I even emailed and haven't heard anything. Does it take them a bit to respond and/or confirm an order?
I decided to just call to confirm and spoke with a woman on the phone who could not have been nicer. In this day and age I get impatient and expect everyone to be available with rapid response. It's nice to be reminded to slow down and try speaking to a real person for a change!
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most recent 28 JUN 14 SHOW ALL
Initial post 23 MAY 14 by goncmg
Yes, they offer free roses, but they also get 1 in 3 that you order completely wrong. And I am only now posting this after having dealt with them for 3 years. WHO WORKS HERE? Because not only is 1 in 3 roses WRONG but they are soooo wrong it is hysterical, stuff like a GALLICA for Lavender Pinocchio, a SPECIES for Young Quinn, TIFFANY for Soleil d'Or.....................the owner is clearly stressed and defensive. I was on her side until she told me I need to send her pics of the species rose she sent me which was labeled Young Quinn. And then said I was being confrontational. Good luck, Rogue! I will no longer deal with you.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 4 JUN 14 by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
Waiting for my Gruss an Coburg and Butterscotch to bloom to see if they are correct. Autumn was wrong, they sent me a bright yellow, but Pam's Choice was spot on. They said they would send me a correct Autumn when more are in stock. All in all it has been positive, and since they stock many roses that no one else does, it is worth a few tries to get that rare beauty.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 5 JUN 14 by goncmg
Good luck with the Autumn. Dianne in Idaho has been waiting for several mis-labels to be "in stock" now for 2+ years. I had better luck in the past just providing a list of alternates and having them send on, as replacements, plants from that list which they also had seen bloom. And, lol, whatever they sent me as Hawaii isn't Hawaii. It is some generic red that has no scent and which I cannot identify, looks to be from the 1930's-50's? The species received as Young Quinn is doing gangbusters, lol. My "free" rose, Prominent, was correct! Now waiting on Milestone and Color Magic to bloom and see if they are correct. They suspiciously look to be the very same rose.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 5 JUN 14 by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
Gruss an Coburg turned out to be Gruss an Aachen. I spoke with them this afternoon, to a very nice lady, and they are sending me the correct Autumn and Gruss an Coburg. They have so many rare roses, give them a chance to make it right.

One word of advice when buying any band sized roses....grow them up in 2 gallon pots for a few months, apply slow release fertilizer, baby them. This will make a great difference in garden performance once they reach a larger size.
Reply #4 of 7 posted 6 JUN 14 by goncmg
Matt, keep us posted on how the exchange "works out." I grow all of mine in pots and totally agree with your advice. Have you shopped Roses Unllimited? They take it to the next level and most of theirs are sold as gallons only.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 27 JUN 14 by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
Just received my replacements. No blooms yet but the leaves look just right. Completely satisfied with this transaction !
Reply #6 of 7 posted 28 JUN 14 by Nastarana
I have ordered twice from RVR and both orders had major problems.

This last time I have what is probably a 'Pink Clouds', the multiflora rambler, instead of the large flowered climber 'Pink Cloud', which means I have a vigorous rambler fitted into a slot intended for a LFC. 'Shadow Dancer' appears to be some generic pink rose with no stripes. Maybe stripes will appear later.

The roses are healthy when they arrive, and RVR does stock and offer many varieties unobtainable elsewhere, but I think the owner needs to hire a good manager. I suspect labels are being separated from their correct plants because someone has got some kind of half ***ed fast fast shortcut going.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 28 JUN 14 by goncmg
Matt, so glad it has worked out for you! Nastarana, your experience, sadly, seems more typical of Rogue. As I posted earlier, what was supposed to be Hawaii for me this spring ended up being a very generic albeit very fragrant pink Hybrid Tea that I do not recognize and Young Quinn ended up being some species rose that will not bloom this year. Like you, Nastarana, my space is limited and I cannot handle anything large or rambling and only a few climbing. I don't need or want a generic pink....but I cannot destroy a living plant......
Discussion id : 73-652
most recent 21 AUG 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 21 AUG 13 by Navy Roser
I ordered for the second time from Rogue Valley just recently. I ordered 4 roses for myself, and made a separate order of 4 for my we each got a free rose as well.
They were out of one of the roses I had ordered, so they promptly contacted me with the options of a refund for the amount and a spot on the waiting list, or a replacement of my choice. I chose Paul Barden's Jeri Jennings to replace the rose that was sold out.
My mother's roses arrived healthy and perfectly packaged, with Tournament of Roses even having two fresh blooms on it which thrilled her since they were shipped all the way to Ohio. Rogue Valley Roses goes above and beyond on their packing. Even though it seems like a nuisance to get them out to plant, it's worth it in the end.
Unfortunately, somehow the tape ripped loose from the inside of the box on its way to me and Jeri Jennings broke the main cane. Given that the box was leaned up against my steps (with that end up, so the rose was upside-down for hours) instead of laid flat on the porch, I do not hold RVR accountable for this at all. This is not the first time I've had a box of roses handled poorly in transit. I was able to splint the cane with a Band-Aid and so far it has not dropped the leaves. I emailed a couple photos to James at RVR and asked if he thought I could keep it alive. He immediately offered to send me another free of charge, and didn't even ask me to mail the other back. This kind of customer service is a rarity these days and I sincerely appreciate RVR for taking care of their customers in this way, even though they exist in a very niche market and, frankly, we depend on businesses of this sort for rare/antique/etc roses.

I will continue to order from Rogue Valley Roses because of their broad selection, healthy roses, fair prices and especially shipping costs, and their outstanding customer service.
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