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Rupert, Kim L.
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most recent 10 DEC HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 DEC by setigera
Hi Kim;
Some of your roses are listed as "cuttings available." Is that still the case? Thanks so appears that you have bred some beautiful stock.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 DEC by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi Matt, as long as it is one I still grow, yes. What are you interested in?
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most recent 6 FEB 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 FEB 17 by JasonSims1984
Hi. I see you don't take private messages.

I was hoping you would be interested telling me a little bit about a project I want to start.

You see, I want to create a rose that combines the foliage fragrance of eglanteria/rubiginosa with the incense scent of prinula, and the piney scents of fedtschenkoana, and ideally I want to get some good moss that brings out all of those qualities.

My starting pointing point will be Quatre Saisons Blanc Mosseux x Applejack. I am hoping to get most of the fedt. genes and rubiginosa genes with moss right there.

However, I have been told that foetida has fragrant foliage, as do beggeriana, agrestis, and some HPs and hybrid chinas. Supposedly R. carolina has mossy buds, and so does multiflora?

I would love to hear your thoughts because I have been told that you could probably write a textbook on this subject.

I also hear that you grow fedtschenkoana?

My dream would be a thornless moss rose with the above characteristics and a modern HT bloom in a deep lavender color. That seems so similar to some of the things you are working on. I saw you made a cross of International Herald Tribune x Oila Banks x fedtschenkoana. That is exactly the sort of thing I am very excited about.

You can email me directly at if you would like, or respond here. :)

Thank you!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 FEB 17 by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi Jason, Thank you! I'm sorry. My account is set to accept private messages from all HMF members. I received one just this morning. I will email you privately as that is significantly easier to track and keep up with. Thanks! Kim
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most recent 6 NOV 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 NOV 16 by bday
I noticed recently that you had posted a photo of "Art Nouveau". I am considering bidding on this rose at auction. Could you please share with me its frequency of bloom? Merci bien
Reply #1 of 5 posted 6 NOV 16 by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi, it's a fully modern floribunda which flowers as constantly as any other floribunda should be expected to where you grow them. I have found it to be completely disease resistant in both the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles and here in Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria, nine miles from the Pacific Ocean. Of course, how it may perform where you are is unknown, but it has been extremely healthy, usually in flower and very fertile for me in those two climates. (10a and 9a, California). Good luck! I think you may find it a fun, interesting and pretty rose!
Reply #2 of 5 posted 6 NOV 16 by bday
Most helpful...thank you Kim! I live one block from the ocean in Del Mar, (just north of San Diego) thereby incurring coastal dampness.
Do you think this darling little rose will enjoy the beach???
Reply #3 of 5 posted 6 NOV 16 by Rupert, Kim L.
You're welcome! Actual salt from the ocean, probably not, but if other roses grow well in your conditions, this should have as good a chance as any.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 6 NOV 16 by bday
Perfect...I will open the checkbook at the auction....thanks again.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 6 NOV 16 by Rupert, Kim L.
You're welcome! Good luck and have fun!
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most recent 9 MAR 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 MAR 16 by Jay-Jay
Some very nice roses You bred, Kim! Of which You posted some photo's.
And the foliage of this-one: 'SO17Hug#1'!!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 9 MAR 16 by Rupert, Kim L.
Thank you, Jay Jay!
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