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Initial post today by Michael Garhart
BAsed on lineage trees, this rose is probably 'Dany Robin', but there is no way to concretely prove it, because MEIkim itself is never referenced (at least in English searches).
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Initial post today by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Cuttings of seed grown specimen sent/donated to Howard Higson QuarryHill Botanic Garden 2-22-18.
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Initial post yesterday by Patricia Routley
Checking first with other growers. I would like to add a Note to the 'William R. Smith' page to the effect that it sets no hips. I have never noted a hip on my bushes and nearly all of my blooms end up perfect for dried flower arrangements [!] I have added the Tea Roses. Old Roses For Warm Gardens reference which notes "no hip seen".
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Margaret Furness
No hips as such on mine at present. I'll keep watching the current batch of spent blooms.
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Initial post 26 FEB 14 by Patricia Routley
Does anybody have any hip photos of 'Mrs. A. R. Waddell'?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 26 FEB 14 by Margaret Furness
Mine has no hips at present (late summer).
Reply #2 of 3 posted 26 FEB 14 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Margaret. I have never noticed any hips on mine - but I might have missed or deadheaded them. Does anybody else have any experience with 'Mrs. A. R. Waddell's' hips?

[I note there is only one descendant listed where 'Mrs. A. R. Waddell' was the seed parent, but in 'Albertine', it was used as a pollen parent.]
Reply #3 of 3 posted today by INES DIAZ DE LICANDRO
Hello Patricia.
I have just found in Uruguay 3 plants of what seems to be 'Mrs. A. R. Waddell'. If you want, send me please an e mail and I reply with the photo of hips. Not mature.
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