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Initial post today by HubertG
From the Rosen-Zeitung 1887, page 26:

Die Entstehungsgeschichte der Polyantha-Rosen.

Durch Vermittlung des Herrn Wilhelm Kölle in Augsburg kommen wir in Besitz einiger Originalbeschreibungen, wie solche von der französischen Züchtern mitgeteilt wurden, welche nach der Uebersetzung wie folgt lauten:

2) Herr E. Dubreuil , Rosiériste à Monplaisir-Lyon schreibt:
"Die Perle d'or stammt von der einfach weiss blühenden Rosa Polyantha durch ein danebenstehendes starkes Exemplar der Madame Charles, natürlich befrüchtet, die, wie ich vermute, der Perle d'or ihr Kolorit verleihen hat."

My translation:

The History of the Development of the Polyantha Roses.

By arrangement with Mr Wilhelm Kölle of Augsburg, we have received in our possession some original descriptions, as were given by the French breeders, the translation of which reads as follows:

2) Mr. E. Dubreuil, rosarian of Monplaisir-Lyon writes:
"Perle d'or comes from the single white flowering Rosa Polyantha by way of a strong specimen of Madame Charles growing alongside it, naturally fertilised, which, I presume, has given Perle d'or its colouring."


The other references here give Mme. Falcot as a parent. This seems authentic because it was from Dubreuil in 1887. The original text in Rosen-Zeitung does give Dubreuil's initial as 'E'. To me, it isn't entirely clear from the text whether the seed parent is Mme Charles or R polyantha. I've tried to translate Dubreuil's description as literally as I can. I found it rather interesting. The other roses mentioned in the article are 'Paquerette', 'Mignonnette', 'Gloire des Polyanthas' and 'Miniature'.
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Initial post today by Plazbo
Still flowering quite decently now in the middle of an Australian winter (so not that cold), have had two slight freezes (enough to see a slight ice covering over lawns and kill the foliage of intolerant plants like Mirabilis jalapa) but MC has been unphased. Is still with it's glossy dark leaves unlike almost every other rose in my garden. Biggest downside is aphids are very attracted to the plant (but that's a fairly common flaw).
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Initial post today by Patricia Routley
The 1992 reference listed only two roses DICRacer and DICreason, but mentioned three certificates.
"Pat and Colin Dickson also granted three Trial Ground Certificates....'Duchess of York' DICracer, a bright orange red Cluster Flower seedling which had a good scent. The parentage was 'Bonfire' x 'Peter Goldman'."
Possibly there was something missing and the parentage of 'Bonfire' x Peter Goldman' was for a third rose.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Andrew from Dolton
Presumably this was named after Sarah Ferguson, its flame orange would suit her auburn hair. On her marriage to Prince Andrew in 1986 they were both given the titles of Duke and Duchess of York. So although the rose was bred before this it could only have been named 'Duchess of York' after July 1986.
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Initial post 11 JAN 17 by Badger Rose
This rose did not grow much taller than my hand its first year. It arrived to me in rough shape, the poor little thing--so much so that I complained to the grower who said she would replace it but I didn't pursue the issue. Going into 5a winter I expected certain death but nevertheless mounded a bit of dirt over it to mark its grave. To my surprise the thing exploded in spring like Mission Impossible. It has weaponry to match--numerous daggers up and down the canes. It avoids the bullets of blackspot, mildew and rust (a difficult and amazing feat in my dangerous garden world--although I only really have trouble with blackspot). And just like I can't smell the movie, I can't smell this rose. Strange that I can't smell Summer Romance pretty much at all, either. I can, however, smell Beverly, First Crush, and Savannah which are a delight, so not sure what's going on there. Perhaps it needs time to mature or maybe it doesn't like my soil or maybe it's just specific scents my nose doesn't pick up on. The color? Other people's pictures here show it to be much brighter and showy. Mine is a little more muddy-colored and does not stand out in my garden, though the blooms are nicely shaped and still pretty. I will see what next Mission Impossible--er--year--brings and post my report then.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 APR 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
For the mystery of scent, look in the comment section of Ebb Tide:
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by Just-one-more-rose
Hello, just wondering if you've seen any improvement in colour and fragrance? Thanks
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