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Initial post today by CybeRose
Annalen der Blumisterei für Gartenbesitzer, Kunstgärtner 11: 251 (1835)
Rosa lutescens mutabilis
Diese neue, prachtvollste Theerose erhielten wir gleichfalls aus dem Wäberischen Garten zu Elisenruh, und fönnen versichern, dass solche eine unserer allerschönsten Theerosen ist.

[We also received this new, most magnificent theerose from the Wäberische Garten at Elisenruh, and we can assure that it is one of our most beautiful teas.]
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Initial post today by Dad'sRoses
Great performer in So Cal; bought it as a rescue from WalMart in a sad looking 2 gallon. Extremely strong growth, flushes of bloom most of the year, beautiful (but variable) warm bicolors, and sweet scent. Downside is the thorns; covered in huge raised ridge thorns; good barrier plant but agony to prune.
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Initial post yesterday by Dad'sRoses
I want to love this rose so badly; the optimistic name, the classic 1950s style, the beautiful bicolor blend. But in my So Cal zone 9b garden, the foliage sunburns and the flowering stops in high heat, and it seems to need lots of water. Must be more at home in cooler, wetter climates. Boo hoo ☹️
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Initial post yesterday by mondo

We have had it pointed out to us by Colin Dickson that you have given the breeder of Red Devil as Alexander Dickson. He said;
"I think the breeding of Red Devil should be credited to Patrick Dickson [Colin's father] and not his father [Colin's grandfather]."
Hope this helps

Ray Martin
The Rose Society UK
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
Thank you Ray. We've made the correction.
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