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most recent 11 OCT HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 OCT by mmanners
I'm signed in using Google Chrome. For the last several days, neither Mozilla Firefox nor Safari will allow me to log in. I get a pop-up that says the browser is incompatible with the site. But I HATE Chrome. Is this some sort of bug that will soon be fixed? Hope so. Thanks! Malcolm
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 OCT by HMF Admin
Give it a try today; you should be good to go. Please let us know how you make out.
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most recent 1 OCT HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 OCT by Jay-Jay
Am I mistaken, or are the thumbnails of the photo's displayed in another way... or is it just the last update of Firefox? They look brighter, sharper and with a hunch of a shadow beneath them, so they look lifted up from the background.
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most recent 6 SEP HIDE POSTS
Initial post 6 SEP by Oralia
I like to buy a rose called Dame De coeur where can I find it
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 SEP by Patricia Routley
Open the page for the rose and near the top right, you will see BUY FROM.
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most recent 26 AUG HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 AUG by Jay-Jay
I wrote the following PM to Patricia Routly and she advised, that I could post it on HMF, to start an open discussion and/or bring this issue to the attention of the HMF Administrators:

"Good evening Patricia,
Please don't be upset or cross with me, for the following comment/advise.
A while ago, You told me You couldn't upload references any more after the last HMF website renewal/crash, but You and scvirginia found a way round by using the comments tab.
Thank You both for Your most appreciated contributions!

But for me that way of filling many pages of the Reviews & Comments tab doesn't work good/stimulating for me, to comment or react on questions (for advice or so) or remarks. For I have to dig through a tough mass of references.

There are less discussions and less reactions on posts and I can imagine, that newcomers think: "What the heck is this?"
Can there be created a kind of a backdoor, like an extra tab "References" for contributors like You and scvirginia?
I sent a copy to the HMF administrator with this question.
I didn't want to start an open discussion on HMF. But at least bring this to Your attention.

Best Regards, Jay-Jay."

Maybe other HMF users that have IT- or programming-skills might bring up ideas or solutions for this.
Thank You in advance.
Reply #1 of 13 posted 25 AUG by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Jay-Jay: Excellent point, I agree with you 100%. On older & popular roses, like Madamae Isaac Pereire (MIP), there are lots of comments from people who grow that, but the comment about MIP being drought-tolerant is the oldest, was hidden among other comments. I bought MIP for $25 as own-root, and planted it in a wet spot. That almost died through spring-flood. I came back to the comments of MIP, and scroll past MANY comments before I could find "drought-tolerant". Spent another 1 hour digging a new hole UP the hill, and moved MIP there.

Just think, I almost lost a rose, plus $25 just because a comment was hidden way-past other comments. For that reason I put comments next to my photo, since I know the comments will be buried & time-consuming to find. Pat Austin is just the opposite, I didn't see the comment about Pat liking it wet, so I planted in full-sun, it fried to crisp, I gave that $25 Pat Austin away. After going back to the comment section of Pat, found one that's hidden way-back about Pat liking it wet. Spent another $25 to buy a second Pat, and it's doing great in only 4 hours of morning sun.

GROWING NOTES comments ARE DIFFERENT from REFERENCES, and they should be kept separated.
Reply #2 of 13 posted 25 AUG by Give me caffeine
I can't understand what point you're trying to make here. Could you re-phrase it?

Edit: If the gist of it is that there's an awful lot of information here but it can be bloody hard to find what you want, then I'd agree with that.
Reply #3 of 13 posted 25 AUG by Jay-Jay
The "Reviews and Comments" section under the "New/Recent" button is often page after page, after page congested by very many references.

I would like to propose to keep that section for comments, questions and reviews... and to create another possibility for those who want to upload references without using the "reviews and Comments" section, without it becoming silted up.
Reply #4 of 13 posted 25 AUG by Puns 'n' Roses
I have been feeling the same way as you, Jay-Jay. You were just quicker to write your thoughts down. I also find it very tedious to click through lots and lots of references when all I want is to read the latest gossip on the new it-rose, so to speak.
In addition, I would be willing to add reference stuff to HelpMeFind, but I want to preserve the different sections of personal user comments and published references. I think that's an important differentiation not only from a programmer's point of view. If I could access the references section, I would maybe type in some rose descriptions from my older books.
So, I'm strongly in favor of fixing the site back to the point where references can be added in the reference section again.
Reply #5 of 13 posted 25 AUG by Jay-Jay
Thank You, You made it more clear!
Reply #6 of 13 posted 25 AUG by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Re-phrase: Bloody time-consuming to find these info. in HMF to grow OWN-ROOT roses: drought-tolerant or liking it wet? Can it survive zone 5a? Prefer hot & dry weather or rainy & cool weather? Sandy, Loamy soil or clay? Soil pH preference (alkaline, neutral, or acidic)? Full-sun or partial-shade? Acidic rain at pH 4.5 or alkaline tap water above pH 8? Wimpy or vigorous? Rating of thorniness? Rating of fragrance from 1 to 10? It would be nice to have a voting system for each OWN-ROOT rose, where folks can click a box regarding the above criteria.
Reply #7 of 13 posted 26 AUG by Patricia Routley
Very unfortunately, the few dedicated administrators have not been able to add to the REFERENCES section for each rose since January 2017. As they are the very raison d'être of HelpMeFind, in my opinion, we have taken the only way we can see. But I do understand that it is not ideal for members to have to wade through these added references. (I do it twice a day at least.)

Perhaps administrators could add these historically important references from Hazlewood to the NOTES for each rose? This too would not be ideal but they would still be available for those who seek and it would free up the daily Q and A section.

For those members who do want to contribute a valuable reference in the future, then COMMENTS must be the way to add them.
Reply #8 of 13 posted 26 AUG by HMF Admin
The simple answer of course is to complete the changes to the reference maintenance. I will make it priority to ensure reference maintenance is available by Tuesday of next week. We also have been working on the software to convert all the "comment references" to pure references. I wont go so far as to promise that for the same time frame but that's what we'll shoot for.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient.
Reply #9 of 13 posted 26 AUG by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Another possibility is to give the the rarely-used JOURNAL tab inside each rose a new name REFERENCE/HISTORY. Then move reference info. from COMMENT to JOURNAL tab of each rose. GROWING TIPS is a better name for COMMENT TAB, since it means helpful info. to grow such rose.

I don't even use the JOURNAL tab inside each rose, since I already have my own JOURNAL tab inside my HMF-profile, where I record my private journal. Right now we have tons of congested info. inside COMMENT, but the JOURNAL tab is often blank for each rose.
Reply #10 of 13 posted 26 AUG by Patricia Routley
Reply #11 of 13 posted 26 AUG by Margaret Furness
Better in the Comments section than nowhere, though.
Reply #12 of 13 posted 26 AUG by Jay-Jay
THANK YOU HMF administrator(s)!!!
And thank You for all the hard labor behind the scenes!
Reply #13 of 13 posted 26 AUG by Andrew from Dolton
I’ve learnt ever so much about roses that I would never have seen or heard of if it wasn’t for these references.
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