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Initial post today by Nola Z5
I am new to Help Me Find, but I saw on Rogue Valley Roses site that Cynthia Brooke is listed as zone 4.
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Initial post today by Andrew from Dolton
None of the pictures show the "wonderful grey and lavender shades" so many books go on about, the flowers in my garden certainly never do.
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Initial post today by 16-Eichen-Rosensch├Ątze
Voice of Thousands
Breeder Colin Horner

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Initial post 21 JUN by Michael Garhart
Consistent yearly size, as a grafted plant in the Pacific NW, has been about 4.5' T x 3.5'W. It makes a large everblooming orb. Kind of like Bonica. Way bigger than I expected, but I love the rose, and so do visitors. Its a very happy rose.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 2 days ago by Mike Mulholland
Very useful as usual, Michael, especially for me due to our shared climate.

I confess that I am fond of singles anyway, but I think that they are inherently much better vehicles for showing off contrasting eyes than roses with more petals. That holds for this rose versus Bullseye and the Eyeconics, for example, but it also holds for pale eyes, such as in Cocktail, Hoot Owl, Crazy Dottie, and many of the Meidiland roses.

I was very interested in this rose when I was putting in a lot of roses at a previous house several years ago, but I couldn't find a source, and now I am in the same boat at a new house. Does anyone know a U.S source for this rose, preferably own root? It would have to be mail order unless in western OR or WA.

Also, has anyone grown the similar but considerably newer rose For Your Eyes Only, also by Chris Warner?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 2 days ago by Michael Garhart
Oddly enough, this one can be trained into a climber in our climate! I whack mine back every year to 4". The canes are very pliable.

Portland Rose finder says nada for it locally. Portland Nursery used to carry it, but it seems they're not doing CR roses this year. CR could potentially have it in Lowes or HD this summer, but you never know what will show up. Regans is already done for the year, but they were selling it via CR. Maybe you could call CR and see who online may distribute it.
Reply #3 of 4 posted today by Mike Mulholland
Any idea how tall it would get as a climber? How do the flexible canes work as a shrub - just keep piling up on top of one another?
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by Michael Garhart
The canes are super flexible. When I prune it to 4" every January, it reaches to my nose by november. I'm 6'3". That is a mature plant.

It has continuous growing tips, which would lend quite well to training. Just like it's parent, Summer Wine, but not quite as big. One would still have to prune any new shoots trying to grow wide at the base, however. But its not too much work, considering it doesn't need sprayed here.

The only caveat, other than side branches for that idea, I think, is that it has hooked prickles. So no at planting it somewhere near faces and eyes, if one was to train it.

Some Austins are grown like this, as well. I know Graham Thomas is a prime example, but it defoliates from BS here. Macy's Pride, as well.
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