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Initial post today by JasonSims1984
Hi Kim. :) I have always been very fascinated with your crosses when I'm browsing this site. I wondered if you still grow fedtschenkoana, or if you maybe still have some hybrids of it laying around somewhere. :) I really want to play with this species and try to recreate the Autumn Damask with some improvements like thicker canes, fewer thorns and better repeat. I would be very happy to send you some Irises. I'm certain you have every rose I could send you. lol.
Reply #1 of 3 posted today by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi Jason, yes sir, I still have Fedtschenkoana, though it's just barely hanging on. I need to repot it as it's almost out of soil, so I don't know if there are any suckers available. And, yes, I do have some hybrids of it as well as pollen collected from them. These are here now...

Something like two Pink Petticoat X Fedtschenkoana and several others.
Reply #2 of 3 posted today by JasonSims1984
I like all three, but those first two are really nice. I love lavender colors especially, so the idea of a IHT lila banks cross is really exciting. It would be so neat to cross lavender HTs to several species and then recombine them all to create a rampant lavender. What can I offer you for those? It would be great to cross and recombine them. I want the scented leaves and colorful foliage traits the most from this species. And its propensity for creating moss roses. I have a very lofty set of goals.
Reply #3 of 3 posted today by Rupert, Kim L.
Hi Jason, I have emailed you at the email address you have listed here on HMF. Thanks. Kim
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Initial post 5 MAY by Margaret Furness
Warren, are any of your releases Tea x Tea? Thanks,
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Initial post 4 MAY by JasonSims1984
Hi Thomas. Do you still hybridize using mainly species roses? I am very fascinated by these kinds of crosses.

Do you still grow your rugosa/bracteata/palustris hybrid? That's diverse enough to create an entirely new rose class!

I would be very interested in trading cuttings, or even sending you some plants you might not yet be hooked on, like daylilies.

Thanks again!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 MAY by tesilvers
Hi Jason,
Yes, I still like to mostly play around with species crosses but I've also been doing more mainstream crosses lately too.
I don't get on HelpMeFind very often but would love to chat about hybridizing with you. I usually keep most up to date
with e-mail, if you wouldn't mind switching our conversation over to that:
Let me know what your goals are and I'm sure I'll be able to get you something fun to work with.
Oh and I fool around with all kinds of plants (even daylilies), so feel free to talk about ANY plants :)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Initial post 26 APR by Rosy Mischief
Jim, I need to let people know about San Marino Heritage. Do you have a number for this website or a contact number? How do I add my rose and upload photos? My logon is with pwd: 4Rosy123
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