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most recent 2 days ago HIDE POSTS
Initial post 3 days ago by steve fritz
Your roses look wonderful.

I particularly like the photos of "Treasures."

I wish I could get it here in the States.

Keep up the good work.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 2 days ago by Poesie
Dear Steve,
Thank you for your positive comments about my roses and my work.

But who gives it to me! I looked at your roses and left without words. I admire you the masses of flowers, mostly large, which give a great beautiful visual effect to the garden. And as I see you also have those who are "always in bloom". The mass of flowers and long flowering is one of my next goals, which I still have to conquer. Some of them do, but not enough.
Your pictures say everything, you are excellent breeder.
The Treasures Rose, along with the Predicate of Wine, Proteus Anguinus Rose, The Healing Codes, the Dekani and Good Day are in the test field in the Netherland, on a 2-year trial.

Treasure is still a small rose with tinny branches, I think it will take some time to finally develop, as it is still young.
I also wish you many successes.

Kind regards, Irena Fabjan, Slovenia
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most recent 22 OCT HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 OCT by Sandra TX
I am interested in preserving the roses hybridized by Ray Ponton. Ray has lost many of his roses due to weather and health issues. Would you be interested in sharing cuttings with me? If so, perhaps I have some cuttings that you would like as well.

Have a rosey day!
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most recent 11 OCT HIDE POSTS
Initial post 11 OCT by Jay-Jay
How do the Thérèse Bugnet X Topaz Jewel seedlings do... and You too?
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most recent 9 OCT HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 OCT by drogers
If anyone knows how to get in touch with Diann Giles please let me know at I have come across some of her roses from the garden of Alicia Whidden and would like to introduce them all to commerce. I have some questions about some of the non registered varieties.
Thank you,
Donald Rogers
A Reverence For Roses Inc

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