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Initial post today by HubertG
Now that the bush I planted (that came as a 'Dr. Grill' but is supposed to be 'W.R. Smith' and the same as "Amelia Anderson") has flowered, I'm quite confident in saying that my Dr. Grill from Honeysuckle is definitely not William R.Smith. I posted a couple of flowers of W. R Smith, and they could very simply be described as creamy white (no real hints of pink at this stage). Their fragrance to me is like a weaker Maman Cochet scent, the petals are rather thick and waxy. The biggest difference so far is in the habit of the bushes and the leaves. My Dr.Grill has larger leaves with a more undulating edge; the growth of W R Smith is more classic Hybrid Tea like - straighter, more open, erect growth - whereas the my Dr. Grill's branches are a bit more sinuous, and they get sent up from seemingly anywhere on the bush so it creates a denser more Tea-like habit. Also, the flower stems on W.R.Smith have tended to remain reddish when the flowers open, whereas on my Dr. Grill they have changed to green at that point. W. R. Smith's unopened buds are squatter too.
I know I haven't had this new rose for long, and it's hard describing differences,and culture could come into play a bit, but I can tell simply by looking that they aren't the same.
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Initial post yesterday by Plazbo
This is probably a good example demonstrating that fragrance and thin petals aren't linked, the petals on this are quite thick and fragrant.

Kind of surprised by the lack of offspring, possibly an indication of low fertility.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
HelpMeFind lists seven descendants of ‘Sparrieshoop’.
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Initial post yesterday by Margaret Furness
I'm not seeing yellow edges on any of the photos. Does anyone have one with yellow edges or petal base, and which grows like a China?
Reply #1 of 3 posted yesterday by HubertG
Nope, no yellow whatsoever. I just assumed it's the wrong rose, but what a glorious rose it is. Mine rarely repeats.
Reply #2 of 3 posted yesterday by HubertG
The Rosenzeitung says it's a good forcing rose and cut rose, which doesn't really match either.
Reply #3 of 3 posted yesterday by jedmar
It should be yellow undertones (onglet jaune)
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Initial post 2 days ago by jmile
I love this rose for its color. It may be a small in size plant but I always see it when it blooms. I might try grafting it onto Fortuniana root stock. I have a no spray garden and it doesn't seem to mildew. We are zone 9B. It is hot and has low humidity for most of the year.
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