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'Cannabina' rose References
Book  (May 1998)  Page(s) 124-125.  Includes photo(s).
Rosa centifolia bipinnata ('Celery-leaved Rose') Description... This is less in demand for its bloom than for the singular foliage which is the outcome of a vegetative monstrosity. Du Pont perpetuated it by grafting and made it available 12-15 years ago. The wavy, crisped leaflets resemble those of the gooseberry, whence the garden names Rosa crispa, 'Crinkled Rose', 'Gooseberry-leaved Rose', 'Parsley-leaved Rose' and, most generally, 'Celery-leaved Rose'. The foliage tends to revert continually to the ancestral form, especially in good soil, and it is not rare to find bipinnate and centifolia-type leaves on the same plant, or complete reversion to the latter. Frequent grafting is therefore necessary to preserve it...
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 99.  
Back in the days of the Empress Joséphine, gardeners treasured several forms of R. centifolia distinguished by their unusual leaves: the 'celery-leafed', ' the 'peach-leafed' and others.
Book  (1987)  Page(s) 44.  
Monsieur Dupont, who was in charge of the gardens at Malmaison in the days of the Empress Josephine, was particularly interested in the foliage of roses, and he bred two astonishing varieties of centifolias. These were the 'Lettuce-Leaved Rose' and the 'Celery-Leaved Rose'. The latter, with deeply cut and serrated leaves, has not survived the passage of time though the former is still available. [which see]
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 92.  
Celery Leaved In this the flowers are those of the old Cabbage Rose, but the leaves are remarkably cut and twisted, suggesting those of celery. Illustrated by Redoute. I have not yet found this variety.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 78.  
Bipinné (centifolia) ? before 1845; light pink, medium size, 3/4-full, flat, outer petals cordate, fragrance 3/10, dark green foliage, cut like celery-leaves, many prickles, growth 7/10. = Bipinnata.
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 1.  
28. à feuilles de céleri, Centifolia, Dupont, rose clair, syn. Bipinné
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 1.  
39. à feuilles de persil, Centifolia, rose, syn. Cannabina
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 1.  
36. à feuilles de groseiller, Centifolia, rose, syn. Cannabina
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 23.  
1.531. Bipenné [sic], Centifolia, rose clair
Book  (1906)  Page(s) 28.  
1.821. Cannabina, Centifolia, rose
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