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'Perfume Delight' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 29 APR 13 by goncmg
This one is back in my garden after a 25+ year hiatus. All the pictures posted here definately show this one at its best! It is absolutely capable of producing some absolutely huge, absolutely fragrant blooms in a lipsticky pink color that now--and even in 1973/4 when it was introduced--reads/read a little "dated." The 1970's were all about size and exhibition form and so many roses introduced in and around that time lack any fragrance so it is not difficult to see why this one got an AARS based on form, size and suprising fragrance (nothing in the parentage immediately suggests the fragrance). The down side, as I recall from growing this one in Chico, CA and Columbus, OH years ago is that these gorgeous blooms pictured here are really tough to come by---the plant, like so many that punch out those big beauties---is stingy with them and very slow to repeat. It isn't particularly vigorous, prone to blackspot by today's standards, the stems tend to be short. Now that fragrance is IN, some oldies are getting mass released again it seems and I assume it is on this basis (Bewitched is everywhere, Heirloom of all is now back at the 1st rate garden centers in Columbus not to mention every waxed and bagged retailer) but I still have to wonder about a few OTHERS that have THAT SMELL and are actually better roses in many ways (better repeat, stronger plant, both) such as Friendship (absolutely! and almost GONE!), maybe Jadis, maybe Patrician, probably Pink any rate, the fragrance is either very old or very new in fashion, the size is 1970's, the color is 1940's, the vigor is about 1960................if it crosses your path, catches your eye, buy it. But coddle it and hold your breath. Don' expect to see very many blooms like these posted here......................
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 FEB 21 by Matthew 0rwat
Great on Fortuniana here
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Initial post 11 FEB 21 by Matthew 0rwat
The first rose I grew at age 13, and I'd never be without it. I have a plant grafted onto Rosa Fortuniana and it's very vigorous and free flowering, in Florida !
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Initial post 21 MAY 20 by Planetrj (zone 11b/H2 pH 5.8)
After 4 years of evaluating this very widely available HT, I can see why it's lasted through the years when others have faded away, once the newness and 'hooplah' has worn off. Perfume Delight is definitely one of those which should be in the Novice Class of HT's. It's one of the most carefree, easy to grow, non-finicky growers. Another which grown on it's own roots is proving to be quite a valuable rose for the no-fuss garden.
I can say that having both bud grafted and Own Root specimens, the OR is definitely noteworthy in comparison to it's much less vigorous BG counterpart. It's decent to root, and certainly grows superior on it's own. I've also noted that even in my no-spray gardens, the blackspot is almost non-existent when grown on it's own roots, as opposed to the BG's lack of that quality. The fragrance is also stronger on it's own roots (I've noted this in nearly every comparison). It stands up to full sun without hesitation, yet takes a bit of afternoon shade with stride, and doesn't yellow. It has little dieback, which means earlier and later flowers. Bloom style tends to be more sporatic, and does not tend to flush. There are other similar deep pink HT's which tend to bloom more frequently, like Pink Peace, but doesn't have nearly the depth of fragrance that this does. Though not very numerous in my climate, I see random flowers from March until December.
If possible in your region, this one is very worthwhile to grow on it's own roots.
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Initial post 4 MAY 18 by Yankee Doodle Stevie
Perhaps my favorite deep pink rose. ( It's borderline between that and medium imo. ) Perfume Delight is a rugged disease free plant with large smelly blooms that repeat well and stand up to heat and wind. It's also a neat rather upright grower, but does not get a case of bare knees. Pretty low on thorns too. Did/does well in both New York and Arizona for us.
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