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'Eyes for You ®' rose References
Magazine  (2019)  Page(s) 23.  Includes photo(s).
Doug Grant, Review of Newer Roses for the 2017-2018 Season.  Floribundas.
Eyes For You Pejbigeye.....
Magazine  (2019)  Page(s) 51.  Includes photo(s).

Doug Grant, Final Analysis for 2017-2018.
Eyes for You. Variety Denomination: Pejbigeye. Breeder James 2009. Type Floribunda  Parentage: Seedling x Seedling. Plants 52  Reports 24. Height Short. Garden 6.3. Exhibition 3.9.  Health 6.5 (good)  Fragrance 4.6 (some).  A different and eye-catching floribunda rose which makes it attractive in a garden. The variety has nice blooms of a pale lavender colour with a purple eye which really stand out. It is not over vigorous and the health and performance of this variety may vary throughout the country. In some areas it is a good garden rose and in other regions it may not perform as well.

Magazine  (2018)  Page(s) 25.  
Doug Grant,  Review of Newer Roses For The 2016-2017 Season. Floribundas.
Eyes for You Pejbigeye.....
Magazine  (2016)  Page(s) 26.  Includes photo(s).
Doug Grant,  Review of Newer Roses For The 2015-2016 Season. Floribundas.
Eyes for You Pejbigeye.  Breeder James 2009. Parentage: Seedling x Seedling.....
Magazine  (2015)  Page(s) 26.  Includes photo(s).
Doug Grant. Review of Newer Roses for the 2014-2015 Season. Floribundas.
Eyes for You  .....
Book  (2014)  
p44. New Zealand International Rose Trial Ground. Trial 43. 2011-2013
TG No. 4833. 56.2points. Eyes for You. Floribunda. Breeder: James. Entrant: Tasman Bay. Lilac/purple.

p48. John Ford. New Zealand Trial Ground Review. Trial 43. 2011-2013
Eyes for You (PEJbigeye) .....
Magazine  (2014)  Page(s) 27.  Includes photo(s).
Doug Grant. Review of Newer Roses for the 2013-2014 Season. Floribundas.
Eyes for You.....
Magazine  (2012)  

Eyes for You, ('Pejbigeye'), S, m, James, Peter; flowers lilac pink with purple blotch in center , 4 in., semi-double , cupped, borne in clusters, moderate fragrance; recurrent; growth rounded
Magazine  (Jan 2011)  Page(s) 4, 5(photo).  Includes photo(s).
[Back-Translation of "A Persian Story" by Chris Warner, translated into Dutch by Els de Krijger]
Rawlins crossed 'SCRivbell' with 'Tingle' and got two good reblooming seedlings with pretty good eyes. One, however, was not in good health and in the other healthy one the eyes were almost the same color as the petal. Undeterred, another member of the group, Peter James, got to work with the unhealthy seedling and crossed it with his own rose R. Blue for You ('PEJamblue') and yes, one of the seedlings from this crossing was a success. The eyes were large and purple, while the petals were cream, providing a nice contrast and a bonus good scent. We have commercialized this rose as R. Eyes for you ('PEJambigeye').
Book  (2010)  Page(s) 94.  
Peter Harkness. An Update on Persica Hybrids.
....By now the Persica project was firing the imagination of mainstream breeders.....Peter James is already marketing his variety Eyes for You through C. & K. Jones in the UK. It's described as a neat grower, free in its flowering, scented, and with larger than normal 'eyes'.
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