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"Yallum Park Cream" rose Description
Photo courtesy of Margaret Furness
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Discovered by Pat Toolan (Australia, 2005).
Found Rose, Noisette.  
Cream.  Creamy white, sometimes pink tinged. prickles mainly on any watershoots.  Moderate fragrance.  
Arching.  Matte foliage.  
Height of 8' (245 cm).  Width of 10' (305 cm).
From Glen Clifford's Notes on the History of Yallum Park, Penola, South Australia:
Yallum, originally 115 sq. miles, was occupied by Thomas, Josiah and Solomon Austin about 1840, they built a house which is still standing.
They sold to Thomas Allan and Henry Edmund Wells in 1856.
They sold to John Riddoch in 1861. He built another house in 1863 and laid out a garden with many rare trees..... In 1878 Mr. Riddoch decided to build the two-storey house ....[which] was completely finished in the first week of January 1880.
In 1914 my late parents (Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Clifford) purchased the homestead.

Possible identifications:
Golden Gate 1891
Joseph Bernacchi' 1878
Lady Loch 1894. Center may be too yellow.
Le Pactole 1840. Early refs say a smaller bush than the foundling.
Louise d'Arzens 1861
Mlle Germaine Raud 1894. Glandular pedicels, nearly thornless. Tea?
Prince Chetwertinski 1891.

"Brightside Cream", Bermuda
"George Washington Richardson" A touch of pink. No hips.
"Marete Stenbok" A European foundling
"San Felipe Noisette"

Aimee Vibert Has deep-pink stained guard petals
Alister Stella Gray 1894. Is a deeper yellow than the foundling.
Bouquet Tout Fait 1836. Seems to open wide and show stamens.
Cornelia Cook . Tea. Does not flower in clusters. Nearly thornless. More colour in cooler weather
"Jesse Hildreth" Said to be a Tea rose. Blooms as a young plant
"Westside Road Cream Tea". Also said to be a Tea rose.
Lamarque similar to, but many people see differences, the main one is that the colour is cream.
YPC buds are slightly slimmer and longer than Lamarque.
YPC pedicel has more pink tinges than the green Lamarque.
YPC leaves are smaller & more china textured than the dusty/wooly texture of the larger Lamarque
"Mystery Cream Tea" Does not have the matte leaves of "Yallum Park Cream"
Reve d'Or The foundling does not have the deeper colour of 'Reve d'Or'.
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