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I am hoping you might have cuttings of "Hot Romance" you would be willing to send or sell me. I gave this rose to my wife for our anniversary several years ago and it unfortunately died. I have been trying to replace it but it is no longer in cultivation.

Chris Brooks
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Congratulations on all your winners ! i agree that DUBLIN BAY is a fine climber. Here in Silicon Valley, it will bloom even in low-light situations. My sister got SYMPATHIE, 1964 this year and already it has several blooms that opened with a nice scent, which is sadly lacking in D.B. I just bought (2) of SUNNY DeLIGHT at Lowe's for $9 each. I love yellow roses! And despite what they 'say', this rose has a very nice scent. VETERANSs' HONOR is a velvety, long stemmed rose. It does turn more magneta with time, but now BLACK MAGIC holds the deep red color for quite a while in the vase! It looks splendid with FRENCH LACE or ST PATRICK. And BABY BLANKET is always the first to bloom here. My sister trained it to climb up the side fence.Here in Silicon Valley roses are fairly easy to grow.. . . . But even then we have had losses: ANGEL FACE, STERLING SILVER(Mom's favorite, which she planted in '57 in our first home in Calif. after leaving Milwaukee, Wisc. Dad would always replant another, after it would weaken and finally disappear!) ~J F K ~just won't do his job of producing buds! DIANA, PRINCESS of WALES is just as sensitive, as the real royal Princess! SUMMER FASHION is one that might be carried by in Sebastopol, CA. They have more roses than what is listed on line! I ordered DARLOWe's ENIGMA, 1991 from them. So they just might have S.F. if you phone them. They are very nice folks, and it's an interesting nursery to visit. Again, all the best on your rose garden. I enjoyed reading your journal; and although I'm a new grower of roses, only since '03, I already know the feeling of 'addiction' to them!! enjoy your Summer,
Katthy HAAS, West O'Allis CHALMERs
Reply #1 of 1 posted 30 JUN 07 by Seil
Thank you, Kathy, what a nice post. One of my resolutions this year was to try to keep this journal. I don't always get on every day but I try to catch it up when I do.

I am a very novice exhibitor. This was only my 4th show. I did 2 last spring and 2 this year. I don't have the time or money to travel too far from home but doing the local shows has been great fun. I don't have what you would call an exhibitors garden and I try to stay organic as much as possible because I live on the Great Lakes. So I doubt that I'll ever be a big exhibitor. I just do it for the fun and to share my roses with, hopefully, people who are interested.

My Dublin Bay is in partial shade too but it seems to be doing fine. This is it's third year so I'm hoping I get some good strong growth out of it. You will LOVE Sunny Delight. Great strong yellow that last a long time. Another yellow you might try is Always Love You. It has gorgeous star shaped blooms. I have Oregold this year that a friend rooted for me and it's lovely but the blooms blow really fast. I have a mystery red rose right now that I'm trying to ID so I think I'll wait until I do that to decide on another red. I got the Baby Blanket tree from Costco in the spring and so far I like it a lot. It was just spikey 6 inch twigs when we brought it home but now it's at least 3 feet across and starting to weep. As far as losing Angel Face, I'm not surprised. I can not figure out how mine survives. As I am typing this mine is completely leafless from black spot. It does this on a regular basis. I understand Sterling Silver is another one that's finicky. On JFK, I just read that it takes several years for it to mature and start producing. I've had min 3 years now so we'll see how it does. I did get Summer Fashion this spring though. Hortico had it and I went for it. It's bloomed once now and they were beautiful and fragrant but the color wasn't as vibrant as the pictures I've seen. It may have been because of the unusally high temps we've had. I'm hoping it gets brighter for me in the fall. Our warm days and cool nights bring out the best colors in the roses in the fall.

Don't worry about the addiction. You're not alone. I started out with 9 inherited ones from my mom and I'm up to 75 now!

Thanks again for your kind comments and interest.
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