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The Gardeners' Magazine of Botany
(1885)  Page(s) 358.  
Antoine Alleon, H.P., Margottin fils, 1872, Cerise red, Vig.
(1916)  Page(s) 423.  
CLEMATIS CAMPANILE. A useful, hardy, ... Clematis, a hybrid of the integrifolia type, and raised by Messrs.....
(1885)  Page(s) 360.  
Comesse de Casteja, H.P., Margottin, 1883
(1913)  Page(s) 343.  
Paul and Son, Cheshunt, this firm staging tall weeping standards of Lady Gay, Minnehaha, the new white Cuckoo's Mate, a single musk rose, Dorothy Perkins, Sodonia, Excelsa, and Milky Way, these being placed over bush plants of Frau Karl Druschki....
(1911)  Page(s) 87.  
Among the Hybrid Teas we have Lady Mary Fitzwilliam, White Lady, Mildred Grant, Edith D'ombrain, Robert Scott, and Papa Lambert that come under the same category
(24 May 1913)  Page(s) 371.  
Peony La Lorraine was the most conspicious new plant at the great Ghent International Exhibition held from April 26 to May 4, and was raised and exhibited by Messrs, V. Lemoine and Sons, Nancy, France.
(1913)  Page(s) 435.  
Paeonia L'Esperance. A beautiful new tree peony, obtained by crossing Paeonia lutea with a variety of P. Moutan. This is the second hybrid from these parents, and it produces a large and beautiful flower with three rows of light sulphur-yellow petals, each with a crimson base, surrounding a large cluster of deep crimson, yellow-tipped filaments.
(1850)  Page(s) 288.  
The Cultivation of Roses in Pots
China...Madame Breon ; clear rose colour, superb.
(1912)  Page(s) 462.  
Madame C. Chambard, a pale pink H.T
(1912)  Page(s) 462.  
Yvonne Lornago, an orange-red hybrid of Tea and Noisette
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