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Initial post 11 days ago by a_carl76
I love this rose. It is an older variety and there is a long period of time between flushes, but it is such a nice color and the form is always spot on. What huge blooms - mine average about 6 inches (not the 4 inches listed) with no extra care. Not very many places carry it anymore which makes me a bit sad but I was lucky to find one bagged plant of it 3 years ago at a big box store - and it was correctly labeled for a change. Does need good winter protection here in Iowa but it does reward you for your efforts.
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Initial post 7 JUN by a_carl76
This particular seedling appears to have vanished. Maybe I moved it and it will pop up somewhere else but it looks like I am now down to 2 of these seedlings. Hopefully they will bloom for me.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 7 JUN by Robert Neil Rippetoe
It happens! Sometimes you discover them years later. ;-)
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Initial post 5 MAY by a_carl76
Rose Listing Omission

Garden Director Tom Liggett

From foundation Plant Services Website:

Cultivar Name: Garden Director Tom Liggett
Synonyms: 'Fay Wolfe', 'Fay Wolff'
Description: Registration year: 2018
Classification: F & Cl F - Floribunda & Climbing Floribunda
Climber: No
Petal Color: mauve & mauve blend
Hybridizer: Liggett, Tom andJoel Mattox, Joel
Flower Form: buds globular; flowers deep mauve, medium, 3-4" diam., one bloom per stem, , full (150 petals),
quartered, recurrent
Fragrance: intense
Foliage: dark green, glossy
Prickle: some, hooked, black
References: Modern Roses 12
Parentage: Angle Face × possibly selfed
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 MAY by Patricia Routley
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Initial post 25 DEC by Kim Rupert
Hi Andre, did this seedling ever flower for you? I'm curious about what level of cresting it may have expressed. Thanks! Kim
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 JAN by a_carl76
These seedlings still have not bloomed - they have remained very small too. I will be giving them another year and then will consider discarding or I may consider reevaluating their location too as part of the problem might be where they are located (and neglect). The only reason why I have been patient and kept them is because they are a unique cross and I really, really want them to bloom for me.
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