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3 DEC 14
Over a year since I have visited here. My population of 100s has dwindled to less than 10 rose plants. The drought continues....or it could be said, the climate here has shifted. No worries, native plant gardens are amazing, with the added benefit of 1000s of butterflies and other native creatures utilizing the friendly habitat created.
Still, I travel here to visit the roses gone, to remember another time of unearthly beauty and fragrance. And if nothing else, to validate that my rose garden ever was....
23 NOV 13
I am visiting helpmefind this evening, have not been here in quite a while. The images of my long gone rose garden still bring tears to my eyes. I cannot come to this site often, tears at my heart strings too much....I just do better if I stay away, at least for now. I know fellow rose lovers can sympathize with these feelings.....
26 JUL 13
I really miss my beautiful roses. Most are gone now, victims of an enduring run of bad weather. I look back at my photos here on HMF and say, "Was that really my garden?". My heart breaks when I think of my rose garden that was destined to die young.

Nothing is permanent, today is the day to relish and enjoy for things what they are. It really is all about the garden journey, not the destination.

Still, I miss my roses...
20 OCT 12
One can sit around wringing their hands forever, or just go on to the next best thing. Looks like the climate here will no longer sustain beautiful roses. Most of mine are alive, but that is about all.
I watch my obsession with roses wink out by necessity.

But.......there is great beauty in desert plants. And they do love this hot and dry. New adventures await!!!!
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