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12 DEC 10
planted feb 09

dec 2010
establised well, love her flowers
strong fragrance
still valiantly flowering mid december!
12 DEC 10
Planted feb 2006
in solid clay, dug big hole, filled with good soil etc
after onbe year had to dig up and refill hole with more or less solid clay as hole acted as a big pot
mme isaac was waterlogged all winter

dec 2010
much happier and growing on terrace pillar, east side, but never totally abundant in growth, flowers well,
blackspot, was to be expected!
Took cutting in 2009, now planted in bed south/kitchen doors
interesting to see how different she behaves on her own and not trained.
29 MAY 10
planted feb 07
from Bechy Hook

may 2010
definitely one of my favourites.
flowered freer than last year, which was already good and reached top of pillar, creeping under terrace roof.
surviving well inspite of perpetually having roots in water during winter, as house dug out lower than surrounding ground, so water level high here
Noticed that blooms fade fairly quickly??
suffered terribly from green fly in april when greening up, but beginning to find removing these by hand is fast becoming addictive and therapeutic!!
29 MAY 10
Planted May 2007
Becky Hook

may 2010
upto 160m high and hanging halfway over path
fantastic, super abundant, healthy and no sign of any blackspot or bugs.
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