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Michael Dosey
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Initial post 22 JAN 10 by Michael Dosey
HMF: Concerning the MEIcauley variety of Meilland's Bolero: You list four nurseries as presently having and selling it. At least three (Northland, Otto & Sons, and Regan) of the four do not have this rose. Rather they have and sell the other Meilland Bolero: MEIelweis. The fourth nursery, Christianson's lists it as a Romantica, so it is not certain which they have. Mike Dosey
Reply #1 of 1 posted 12 JAN 18 by Patricia Routley
Michael, firstly our apologies for at last answering your eight year old comment. It shouldn't take that long.

Garden Valley Ranch had listed their Bolero as a Romantica and as the patent said the 2004 rose was to be marketed as a Romantica, perhaps that listing was incorrect.
We've changed their listing from
Bolero MEIcauley 1997 to
Bolero MEIdelweis 2004.

I have checked through Regan's nursery plant list and they do not list it. We've deleted their listing of
Bolero MEIcauley 1997.

Christianson's current PDF listing of their roses show only
Bolero (FL) W vf
But if you, in 2010 saw it listed as a Romantica, it is likely they have the latter rose.
We've changed their listing from
Bolero MEIcauley 1997 to
Bolero MEIdelweis 2004.
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Initial post 1 OCT 07 by Michael Dosey
Re: The rose Jadis (Fragrant Memory): Do you have a height reference for it? Thanks. Mike
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 OCT 07 by Cass
Nothing in either Modern Roses 12 or the patent, unfortuntately.

Check the Vintage Gardens website, which shows plant habit by class. That's highly variable by zone, but since you know Vintage is located in Zone 9b (if that's the colder Zone 9), than at least you have a benchmark.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 14 JAN 15 by Anita silicon valley
When I grew it in San Francisco Bay Area it was 4 - 5 ft. tall. We get Winters down to medium thirties at worst and Summers usually not hotter than high nineties. I grow Memorial Day and it's taller by about a foot and a half but fragrance not so strong and color somewhat lighter.
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Initial post 17 DEC 12 by Michael Dosey
Where's the hyphen? In the name of the rose Fantin-Latour, that is. Every other source I check and in most of the references for that rose on your site, the hyphen is there.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 17 DEC 12 by jedmar
We have references with both with and without the hyphen. Even GST, who named the rose, was not consistent in his usage. As the painter had a hyphen in his name, we will add this. The hyphen has no impact on the search function.
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Initial post 16 SEP 12 by Michael Dosey
Angel Gardens offers a rose named Pink Perfection from 1927 by Ward which you do not list.
Might you research it?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 17 SEP 12 by Patricia Routley
A page now opened for this rose. Only one non-descript reference in my Australian literature.
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