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6 OCT 09
Roses I have personal experience with but don´t grow anymore for any reason:

Abraham Darby, Adam, Alberic Barbier, Aphrodite, Ascot, Astrid Lindgren, Bernstein-Rose, Betty Prior, Biedermeier, Blessed Child, Bonica 82, Bouquet Parfait, Buff Beauty, Burgundy Iceberg, Carefree Sunshine, Carefree Wonder, Communique, Compassion, Constance Spry, Cream Abundance, Crocus Rose, Ebb Tide, Eclair, Eden Rose 88, Eglantyne, Elfe, Felicité et Perpétue, First Light, French Lace, Gertrude Jekyll, Glamis Castle, Golden Celebration, Gold Reef, Gräfin von Hardenberg, Heinrich Schultheis, Henrietta Barnett, Charles de Nervaux, Charlotte, Chaucer, Chevy Chase, Chippendale, Iceberg, Cl., Ilse Krohn Superior, Jacqueline du Pré, Jalitah, James Galway, Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy, Johann Strauss, John Hopper, Jubilee Celebration, Jude the Obscure, Leonardo da Vinci, Margaret Merril, Mary Magdalene, Mary Rose, Molineux, Moonlight, New Dawn, Odile Masquelier, Othello, Parky, Piano, Raubritter, Red Hat Lady, Rosa canina, Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena, Rosalita, Růže olivetská, Sally Homes, Sebastian Kneipp, Sexy Rexy, Sharifa Asma, Schneewittchen, Soeur Emmanuelle, Souvenir du dr. Jamain, Spanish Sun, St. Cecilia, St. Richard of Chichester, Summer Song, Teasing Georgia, The Pilgrim, Walzertraum, White Pet, White Star, Winchester Cathedral
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