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Initial post 25 APR 12 by Jana
I think Carol s Favorite Gallica and Connie s Favorite Gallica are the same. Kind regards,
Reply #1 of 2 posted 26 APR 12 by Patricia Routley
You could be right, Jana. Although they seem to be slightly different colours, (Carol's: mauve, and Connie's: red to violet),
HelpMeFind first listed Connie's in 2008, and Carol's in 2011.
Connie's carries a HelpMefind 2008 reference (Rogue Valley) which says "This rose is from Paul Barden who received it from a friend".
I cannot see Connie's on the Rogue Valley website, but do see Carol's listed there.

I wonder if there had been some mix-up with a Paul Barden rose 'Connie Lohn', 2003 - which Rogue Valley does carry.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 26 APR 12 by Jana
I think these are only roses in different stages of blooming and perhaps grown in slightly different conditions. This is the second year I own rose Carol..., so I can t say much to it personally, but it was recommended to me on Gardenweb by Hartwood as Connie, but the only one I found was Carol. I think this was just wrongly named before and then corrected. Paul Barden has in his site only Carol s Favorite described, but perhaps it would be better to ask just him.
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Initial post 27 MAY 10 by Michael Mitchell
2nd year plant......magnificent rose! Not sure why this is not more well known. Very vigorous from a cutting, flowering constantly and the flowers are old fashioned and fragrant. First year the canes did not support the large flowers, but this year much better. I'm guessing next year will even be better. This rose is a flowering fool.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 27 MAY 10 by Cass
How's the disease resistance and balling in the rain?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 28 MAY 10 by Michael Mitchell
I've not experienced any balling, and I spray so cannot comment on ability to resist disease.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 6 NOV 11 by Jana
Seemed to be quite blackspot suceptible in my conditions (zone 6a), but there only really healthy roses can stay (big pressure of this disease), if not sprayed.
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Initial post 29 AUG 11 by Jana
Rose Listing Omission

William and Catherine (Ausrapper)

Available from David Austin:
Reply #1 of 5 posted 30 AUG 11 by jedmar
Thank you, added!
Reply #2 of 5 posted 1 SEP 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
Jedmar, thank you for adding the roses to Mr. Austin's list. But, with all the enhancements HMF has put in place, making it EASY for nurseries to update their own information, perhaps Admin. time would be better spent on more important issues? I notice that neither outlet of Austin Roses is a supporting nursery to HMF. They don't keep their rose list up to date, so it obviously isn't an important tool to them. If Admin time to do the nursery's responsibility is to be used, wouldn't it be better to assist supporting nurseries who contribute to the site?

I, in no way, wish to disparage you nor your efforts. It just seems wrong for a nursery to not support the site, apparently not consider it a worthy tool, and for your efforts to be spent to support THEIR business by updating their list of wares. I would hope to see people begin to urge the nurseries to support HMF and put the push on them to update and maintain their own lists and information, as Supporting Nurseries do, to keep them current, permitting you and the other Admins' valuable efforts to be much better utilized.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 1 SEP 11 by jedmar
KIm, how can we not add 'William and Catherine'? Wouldn't millions of fans not be disappointed? :)
I believe there is a general issue of participation from the UK. If you check the nurseries, none in the UK is a supporter, although many on the Continent are. It also seems to me that participation in the Q&A forum from the UK is very limited. It seems to be an island of its own, with little interest in the rest of the rose world. I would be happy if someone would challenge my hypothesis!
Reply #4 of 5 posted 1 SEP 11 by Don H
>> It seems to be an island of its own, with little interest in the rest of the rose world.

They may speak English but they are from a different planet.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 1 SEP 11 by Margaret Furness
How many of the major breeders, anywhere, are hmf supporters? Meilland, Delbard, Jackson & Perkins, Dickson, Tantau, Kordes, Weeks, Guillot? None of those if I'm reading it correctly. I'd say the nationality was irrelevant; and it will take time to change matters.
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Initial post 14 AUG 11 by Jana
This rose is wonderful, but blackspot prone in my conditions (zone 6a, Central Europe). Does anyone know any healthier variety with similar appearance? Thanks.
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