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Initial post 25 FEB 04 by Anonymous-797
This is such a lovely rose but does anyone know the coldest zone it can survive in?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 25 JAN 04 by The Old Rosarian
Summer Wine should be okay in zone 5 with good winter protection.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 10 MAR 06 by malcolm
i agree, mine thrives in zone 6 with no protection.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 29 SEP 09 by slvrbckg
I grow Summer Wine with no winter protection in Ithaca, NY/zone 5. It is 10' tall.
Reply #4 of 4 posted today by Louis Galarneau
Is it a good rebloomer ?
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Initial post yesterday by Mervey
Hello community,

I found 6 red (or almost) hips (open pollination) from my 'La Belle Sultane' which is placed underneath the bigger 'Cherry Meillandecor', did someone already have some fertile seeds from this rose, by the past or recently ? pictures attached.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Margaret Furness
La Belle Sultane has descendants listed, as seed parent and as pollen parent. Unfortunately access to the list of descendants is a privilege of supporting members.
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Initial post yesterday by Michael Garhart
My first year with this rose, so I cannot comment on some things.

Not seeing the usual downy and black spot on this rose, like I did with Silver Jubilee and some of its kin. Some minor bs at the bottom, but nothing to write home about. It is definitely a shorter rose, and definitely flowers in clusters. Form, blooms size, and color seems to vary with temperatures. Seems to always be some version of summer fruit color blend, but I would not describe it as orange-red.

Not prickly like its half-sister, 'Remember Me', although they do have a lot in common. Foliage and petals are more rounded, but Remember Me does seem a little more heat tolerant.

So far, it is kind of like a short grandiflora version of 'Easy Does I't. I will edit and comment again in the future when it is completely mature. However, I definitely don't regret buying this rose.
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Initial post yesterday by TaniaRose
Have her and she is supposed to a low growing shrub but has put out on 7ft cane and a 4ft cane. Has anyone's bush done the same? In Maryland, 7b climate. On own root.
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