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Initial post today by Michael Garhart
This is nice. Even with it being a color sport, its a lot easier to see what led to the evolution of Double Delight, Mon Chery, as well as descendants of Gold Medal. The images available from Calvacade are not very clear or of poor quality, sadly.

Double Delight is still hugely popular in America, despite its age. Its a favorite among body bag sales, because it has everything a non-rose enthusiast wants in a typical rose (cuttable, tea form, big blooms, decent survivability, fragrance, and color excitement).
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Initial post yesterday by Margaret Furness
I don't know if there are two different clones of this rose around, or two different roses, or if its behaviour depends on climate. The one I got was called "New Guinea China" and had provenance Someone who said it grew well in New Guinea -> Lionel over the mountain-> Leonie Kearney -> me -> Petticoat Lane (in Sue Zwar's care) and the Blakiston Schoolhouse Garden.
For Leonie, in the foothills west of Brisbane (subtropics), it isn't as double as in Warren's photo taken on Manus Island. Colour looks nearer red.
For me, Mediterranean climate, zone 9b, and for Sue Zwar, further south, probably zone 8b, the central ball of petals doesn't open fully, at least in spring. Between red and pink, and with an occasional white stripe consistent with China ancestry. My young potted plant was thornless apart from some hooks on the back of the leaves, but Sue's plant has prickles on a watershoot. See photos.
It also seems less healthy than on the equator., with both Leonie and Sue noting some black spot.
It strikes readily from cuttings, and flowers at a very young age.
Reply #1 of 2 posted yesterday by Give me caffeine
I'm wondering how it would go in the subtropics.
Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by Margaret Furness
You could probably buy one from Leonie to try. The one I have access to isn't big enough for cuttings.
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Initial post yesterday by Ambroise Paré
‘Ju Climbing and ‘ Ju climbing purple Noisette ’ are two different roses found by John Hook, and previously sold by La Roseraie du désert ’ and S’ Orrosa.
Ju Climbing is extremely vigorous , almost salomon pink flowers reminescent of ’ Gloire de Bordeaux ’ \Le Parré Dijon
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by jedmar
Thank you, we have separated "Ju Climbing Noisette"
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Initial post yesterday by tsvmowing
thank you i will be in touch!
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