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Initial post today by Planetrj (zone 11)
This HT is a SPECTACULAR replacement for anyone who has as miserable of time with Peace. This one has it all, which begs to ask, why it's not more popular than It's father (Peace).

Moderate fragrance is exquisite and very floral, like an expensive lady's perfume, notes of freesia and jasmine.

Enormous 6 1/2" flowers with oversized petals stand out amongst the other HT's. JVery heat and humidity tolerant, and quickly repeat blooms. Colors change slightly on warm and cool seasons, showing more pink with temperature fluctuations. Very resistant to Black Spot, resistant to mildew. Stiff very long necks make great long lasting flowers for the vase. Petals are thick and don't ball or collapse in rain.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Rupert, Kim L.
Location, location, location... Wini Edmunds, wife of Fred Edmunds of Edmunds Roses, used to write the catalog descriptions. I waited eagerly for that catalog each year because her descriptions were hysterical! She HATED mauve roses and every description drove that home heavily. But, for this rose..."Poor Garden Party. Fred was judging it at a rose show and a garden writer heard him call it Garden Pity..." or words to that effect. So, no matter how well it's grown, nor how well it's suited to where it's grown, it will always be "Garden Pity" to me.
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Initial post yesterday by CybeRose
Rose Listing Omission


I could not find this one, maybe because the search requires 3 characters. So, just in case ...

Right Rose, Right Place (2009) by Peter Schneider
p. 167
Si, Miniature
Introduced: Dot, Spain, 1957
The smallest rose in the world, and worth growing for its novelty value. 'Si' has white buds, shaded pale pink in cool weather, no larger than a kernel of wheat. The buds are much more charming than the insubstantial white flowers that follow. The plant reaches about 8" for me and offers repeat bloom very quickly. You'd need to use manicure scissors to deadbeat it, but I have never found this to be necessary as the plant is apparently sterile and puts no effort into setting seeds.
Reply #1 of 2 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
That is a difficult one Karl. I am sure we have discussed it before but perhaps only in my mind.
After scrolling through the alphabetical S lists; and also going into the breeder’s (Pedro Dot) list of roses, I found there is a third way of getting there. I searched with BEGINS WITH and asked for Si (
and got there. I’ve added the reference and moved the photos.

Deadbeat......was that your typo, or the author’s typo?
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by CybeRose
Thanks for your help. I didn't think of Si (. And now I feel stupid for not checking the breeder list.

Deadbeat ... I was a victim of autocorrect and poor proofing.
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Initial post today by Jay-Jay
A nice gracious-one. Large flowers too!
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Initial post today by Planetrj (zone 11)
Super Fragrant Pure Lemon with a vanilla finish. The petal's outer edges are scalloped and fancy, which give it the appearance of Peonies. Beautiful vibrant yellow buds open to finish a palish butter yellow.

Bloom size 4 1/2" average, long stiff necks. Good vase life. Self-Cleaning shatter. Tall narrow bush 5 feet tall, 2 to 3 feet wide. Blooms at top of bush, so trimming for more bushiness can be helpful to balance out the somewhat lanky habit. Can handle afternoon shade with early morning sun. Very floriferous, and often has buds forming while others are forming.

Resistant to Black Spot, very resistant to Mildew and Rust. Does not require intense feeding, and would be a top pick for a no-spray garden.
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