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In the rush of April/May roses here in LaLa Land. Souvenir Claudius de DeNoyel is a workhorse and is spectacular this year. The plants of my rose, 'Sue Durkin,' which were grafted to rosa multiflora for me by Wisconsin Roses are blooming like crazy. This is a pale pink sport of, 'Eglantyne,' I am entranced by my, 'Paul's Lemon Pillar,' this year. My neighbor gifted my with, 'Peace,' as a house warming gift two years ago. It is strong.
21 NOV 17
Here it is 11/2017. Almost 12/2017. The first year of living in California in the bag. A super year for me, the sport of Eglantyne, Sue Durkin, was accepted by the ICRA this year.
28 JUN 12
So much to do - hybridizing, pruning, fertilizing, planning - seeing next year's bloom in form and abundance; begging this or that out of Fantin Latour or Stanwell Perpetual - making Graham Thomas repeat in size and quanity - coaxing Reine Victoria into more continuous bloom. Evying Jardin des Bagetelles and yet having learned from them at their site. Was it Dean Hole that said something like, "You must love the roses - not being diswayed by other occupations of the mind"? I understand this .
8 JUN 12
Tomorrow is our annual Rose Open House for friends, coworkers, and neighbors. It will be hot 90's with humidity. Today was hot, too and many blooms are blown or crinkled. But all and all the garden is fine. It is our chance to give back and stay in touch with the people we care for and who are there for us.
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