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California, United States
I have an interesting collection of roses. Not many of the roses would appeal to general tastes. Those that have been with me the longest are Fantin LaTour, William Lobb, and Madame Hardy. Years ago, I bought the Peter Beales video on roses where he comes upon Fantin LaTour being used as a climber on a stout wall. I had been doing this on a stout arbor for years before I saw the video and felt vindicated in my use of this hybrid centifolia. Presently, I have growing a white sport of Eglantyne, an Austin English rose with plans to send it to the rose trials in Shreveport.

As of 10/2016 I retired and moved to California. Several gardeners dug up my roses before I left and are successfully growing them. I never sent the sport of Eglanyne to Shreveport as the requirements for testing a new rose has changed and is far too expensive and complicated without being a commercial nursery than I can undertake. I hope this does not deter hybridizers like the ones that developed Rambling Red and others.

In July 2017, the white sport of Eglantyne, Sue Durkin, was accepted into the ICRA.

Also in 2017, I grew own root plants from Rogue Valley Roses at my new home in Southern California. Souvenir de Claudius DeNoyel, Mrs. Herbert Stevens, and Marechal Niel.These are roses I never would have grown in Minnesota (even though I protected my roses there). I wanted a fragrant old red climber with some pedigree to put in our patio for my husband, Bill, much the same way I used the Austin rose, Tradescant, on the wall next to the backdoor for him in Minnesota. I special ordered a Paul’ Lemon Pillar from Greenmantle nursery for 2018. I received it and it is doing very well with one rose this April 2018. I think of this as the most exquisite modern roses ever.

Marechal Niel, turned out to be Mme. Catherine Testout. I have informed Rogue Valley Roses.

I never used to be fond of thick petalled roses like Miss All American Beauty, First Prize, Charlotte Armstrong, Fragrant Cloud, and others but I have changed my tune. These roses are work horses. You can depend on them year in year out. They are disease resistant when you take the time to foster a healthy plant. The first defense against disease.
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