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Alf E. Andresen
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Initial post 3 JAN by Alf E. Andresen
Once again it is not possible to renew membership without an PayPal-account, from Norway.

I have tried several tomes for months now.

I do not want a PayPal account, I just want to pay.

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Initial post 31 MAR by Alf E. Andresen
Image is not 'Edda'. 'Edda' in not as double and not as pink.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 31 MAR by Patricia Routley
There are two roses with this name. It seems to be the 1929 ‘Edda’, not the 1969 ‘Edda’. Perhaps if Passiflora can reassign the photo to its correct file?
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Initial post 12 MAY 18 by Alf E. Andresen
It is quite impossible to donate or pay membership from Norway. I have tried seveal times. The form will not accept my postcode even if I choose "Norway". (And why do I have to give you my postcode, anyway?) I would like to pay with Mastercard rather than PayPal.

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Initial post 21 JUL 17 by Alf E. Andresen
Shape of hips differ
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