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Initial post today by bumblekim
I am still having trouble with saving to "wish list". Sometimes I am able, but mostly it is not allowing adding to Wish List.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Jay-Jay
And as I already wrote: The "add to favorites" button for roses has disappeared.
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Initial post 17 NOV by Planetrj (zone 11)
It's utterly shocking that Roman Holiday is not more available. It's unbelievably good in so many ways. I'm planning on ordering several of these as gifts to friends and family whom some are not experienced rose growers.
Fragrance is a solid medium (not strong) on own root. It handles acid soil well with good drainage. Needs little attention, and doesn't grow too large (3' tall in Hawaii). Foliage holds all year. Completely BS proof here where we get rain every week of the year. It's as bulletproof as Blush Noisette. The intensity of the firey blend of bright gold at the base of the petal, all the way up to the intense, near fluorescent orange at the petal tip is a stunner in the garden. The ease of care, rich, fruity peach/apricot fragrance, and the prolific flowering, combined with 6 days of a perfect hold without shattering is remarkable.
I've posted pictures of the full-open position, which were taken on day 5. It's the longest petal hold I get in the tropics.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 17 NOV by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Interesting outcome here. I'm surprised you have this variety at all. Which island are you on?
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by Planetrj (zone 11)
Big Island/windward side. This is another case where a little known cultivar is a diamond in the rough. I rate this up there with OGR tough genetics when it comes to disease resistance. I cannot grow roses that have no inherent resistance to disease, and all roses I grow must be able to learn to fight disease with the organic nutrients I feed them. I only on occasion sprinkle a few tea leaves around their base (old time British doorgarden procurement). One other notable feature with Roman Holiday, is that it has a strong neck and a fairly long stem. Vase life is excellent. I would consider it to be more of a perpetual free bloom rather than a flush bloom. Blooms on both new and old wood.
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Initial post 28 SEP by Michael Garhart
From pics, looks like a Double Knock Out hybrid with HT type. No confirmation yet.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by goncmg
This one caught my eye in the J&P catalogue. The photo there makes the bloom appear bigger, full, modestly formal in shape, light red with somewhat creamy red tones. Appears there like something I would love. Photos here look totally different, rounded bloom, generic "Knock Out" magenta-ish color, blooms rounded and ruffled and smallish. Looks like something I would not love. Does look like it might readily set hips. But here looks totally generic with a strident color. Have you seen it or grown it, Michael? Any updates?
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Initial post yesterday by Michael Garhart
My neighbor has this those. Its 8' T x 4'W lol. It's a beast, but it's always in bloom.
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