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'Cancun ™ (hybrid tea, Carruth, 2000)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of goncmg
Ohio, United States
95% of mine are grown in terracotta pots and over-winter in an insulated but otherwise unheated garage. With so many own-root, which tend to be for the most part in my experience (with some notable exceptions) a little smaller than budded plants, this format works beautifully and I do not need to worry about losing any over the unpredictable winters in central Ohio. Pot culture also allows me more control when I hybridize (if there is rain, pot goes under cover/if hip is not ripe in fall, pot goes into greenhouse room) and in spraying (tilt the pot, cover the underside of every leaf, total coverage = need to spray far less often for blackspot which is indemic in this climate), and feeding (20-20-20 Schultz works wonders along with some manure in the spring). At 100+, the collection is almost at full capacity and from here on I will only be able to take-on some of my "holy grails" should my wish list here ever activate. I will gladly provide bud eyes (and cuttings if possible) to anyone interested in any off-patent variety I am growing. The collection is small but does have some rarities in it.......
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