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Initial post 19 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
Cliff - could your rose have been ‘Reine des Violettes’? As ‘Souvenir de Wootton’ was said to be the first American hybrid tea, it is quite an important file and we need to tidy it up. Please see Darrell’s comment of June 7, 2017 in the ‘Souvenir de Wootton’ file. If you agree, you should reassign the photo.

I've deleted the photo as I have no way to know whether the bloom is 'Reine des Violettes' at this point. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Reply #2 of 3 posted 20 DEC 18 by Patricia Routley
A pleasure Cliff. My regards.
And mine to you as well. All good wishes for the holidays and year ahead!
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Initial post 21 SEP 18 by UrbanRoseMan
So glad to find your new garden Cliff. Always wondered what you were up to after closing Eurodesert. Thanks for sharing your great photos.
Thanks for your kind comment. My garden continues to decrease in size each year, I'm afraid. It's become more and more difficult to maintain a large rose gardens as the years advance (in terms of my age) and as the long, hot desert summers continue to get worse year after year.
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Initial post 10 SEP 18 by Cliff
Available from - ludwig
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 SEP 18 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Cliff. I am currently fighting my way through the 2017-2018 Ludwig's Roses catalogue (up to page 49) and have only a few more days to go. So many questions..... but have underlined anything in doubt in the references. When I have finished I will contact Ludwig and ask them to add their roses to HelpMeFind and perhaps solve some of those under-linings - see Publications / Ludwig's Roses / Plants referenced.

I could add their roses for them, but the nurseries forget about deleting the roses they no longer stock and it is best if they do it themselves.
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Initial post 7 MAR 18 by Elizabethspetals
I’m happy to see this photo, Cliff! I find the almost white color quite beautiful. We shall see how the plant colors turn out in my garden, with my milder summer temps. I’ve planted (truthfully, my two sons planted) the Mystic Beauty you gave me in a wonderful spot. It receives full sun until about 3pm, and then is partly shaded. It’s just beginning to settle in, because it was moved once after initial planting. I’ve heard wonderful things about Mystic Beauty, and I’m looking forward to experiencing them myself. Thanks so much for your generosity, Cliff! Elizabeth (AKA Lisa)
My pleasure, Elizabeth. I hope it does well for you.
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