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Initial post 10 JUN 11 by donna
I LOVE THIS ROSE! I bought it on a whim from Heirloom Roses, just to see what it was like-- as I could not fine much information on it. Absolutely lovely, sweet rose shape. But the fragrance was a surprise. It is unlike any I have ever smelled. Spicy, but so multilayered that it was like a bouquet of other flowers mixed in. Amazing. I have many roses, but none with this fragrance. It grows well, no signs of disease yet, and I always have my visitors smell the rose. I believe that this is a rose developed by Heirloom Roses for all of the qualities it posesses. If that is true, they have an excellent specimen here.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 SEP 17 by mamabotanica
Any info on vase life?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 24 SEP 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks so much for the review! I was curious about this one too. Do you mind me asking what kind of soil that you have and what zone that you are in? Thanks!
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Initial post 12 APR 12 by donna
The fragrance of this rose is amazingly clove like. It reminds me of the fragrance of dianthus pinks. It is a very simple, sweet formed blossom. She blooms her heart out for me all summer in quick flushes. I am very fond of her.
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Initial post 3 MAY 11 by donna
In searching on clematis, the search seems to be broken at least regarding color. I constantly get the error message that nothing can be found.
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Initial post 31 JAN 08 by Unregistered Guest
Is the Fourth of July Climber a good rose for an beginner level gardener in zone 7?

If not then what would you suggest?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 JUN 09 by donna
Absolutely, I would say. Here in Atlanta, it has few if any problems. There are a couple of leaves with blackspot, but not much. I spray occasionally to keep it healthy as possible, but in my garden (which is rather large) I dont have time to babysit high-maintenance plants. This one gets a little care, and does wonderfully. Throw some fertilizer around it now and then, spray for fungus now and then, and it pays me back with tons of blooms all summer long.

I also grow Pink Perpetue, which does well and blooms repeatedly all summer.
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