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Initial post 7 SEP 18 by jasminerose
Palatine Roses is selling this rose as "Augusta Louise."
Reply #1 of 2 posted 8 SEP 18 by Patricia Routley
Thanks for your advice Jasminerose. You might like to point them in the direction of the Note on the page for 'Augusta Luise'.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 JUL by raingreen
Jasminerose, another inland soCal resident here. Been searching for the roses with heat-resistant foliage--IME Elle (Meilland), Ingrid Bergman (as you've said too), and Mother of Pearl are good. Is Augusta Luise one of the heat resistant types?

Thanks, Nate
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Initial post 9 MAY by semiplenus
Quite a nice rose in Z10 southern California. Can rarely get mildew (an occasional problem here), no rust (can be a very big problem here), no blackspot (a very rare problem here). Grows large - at least six feet - but not a climber. Responds well to severe winter pruning (to bedding size, ~1'). Quite floriferous if deadheaded and watered regularly. Beautiful, cupped, full, lemon-yellow blooms that fade somewhat quickly to palest yellow in warmer weather. Flowers in sprays of about three to eight. Strong tea fragrance at the newly opened stage of flowering, fading noticeably at the fully opened stage. Quite large, thick, leathery, rather matte, medium green leaves. Upright stems predominate, with excellent branching to give a graceful bushy shape and a relatively low thorn count (however not "nearly thornless"). A very occasional, irregularly shaped hip will sometimes form. In all, one of my favorite yellows from David Austin.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 MAY by raingreen
Thank you, excellent review. Nate
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Initial post 2 MAY by raingreen
I didn't understand this plant at first, disliking the red blush that forms against the yellow background, but this actually is a part of the rose's appeal...the flowers develop different colors under different temperatures. The red-blushed yellow appears to develop under warm conditions. I have this as a hedge against a 6' fence, the plants are well above the top. They are narrow but appear lush.

I understand people call this an "improved Sutter's Gold" and like the original, this has a tendency to flower in winter in southern California, when the golden yellow flowers make an attractive combination with the maroon stems. These also can flower well under hot conditions in midsummer. Plants are generally heat-resistant but some leaves can scald after a sudden 100 F+ hot spell. Disease free in my garden in soCal, no mildew or rust.
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Initial post 17 MAR by raingreen
What a wonderful specimen!!! Keep up the good work Rosaholic!!! Nate
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