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16 APR
Due to the lockdown, I really miss wandering around locally looking for new plants to buy. Since I had an illness in March (was it COVID? I don't know, no test), I haven't left the house at all. I've slowly regained my strength and started doing chores around the garden again. I'm behind on weeding (always), but a lot of the roses and other plants have grown large enough that they shade the ground under them and cut down on weeds considerably. Bermuda grass and some invasive weed that I haven't identified are the main problems (along with baby trees always coming up everywhere- arg). I set up a new potting station and my husband got me a new wheel barrow to mix dirt in. I have more vegetables than ever growing this year, mostly in pots. I had help setting them up, because I was just too weak to muscle it all around. Most stuff I started from seed, but just before everything went haywire in late February, I was able to buy a lot of baby tomato and pepper plants locally. I haven't bought any new roses since I'm just about out of room now, and happily my rose pot ghetto is down to about 30 plants (or less, I haven't counted), including several seedlings of mine (some of which I really like). There are still several flats of perennial seedlings that need to grow on a bit before they need to be planted, so hopefully I'll make some headway on the weeding.
24 JUL
Doing some mid-summer weeding because we've had a cool front push through dropping the temps down into the upper 80s during the day and lower 70s at night. Woo! It'll only last for a few days. Roses are pretty much sleeping right now, though Puerto Rico,Trinity, Maggie, Miss Caroline, Viridiflora and Peppermint China are still blooming.
14 MAY 19
Purchased 3 gallon plant locally from HEB for $20.
10 MAY 19
Oakland Cemetery Crimson
Purchased from Ebay 10 May 2019

From the listing:
The parent plant was found growing in Oakwood Cemetery in full sun next to the grave of John Bates (1849 - 1910). Austin’s oldest cemetery, also known as Austin's City of the Dead, is the first city owned burial grounds as of the mid-1850s, the exact date unknown. Corpses usually traveled directly from home to the cemetery. When a pauper died in Austin, the city would send for an undertaker, and the undertaker would take the corpse by wagon over to the North side of the cemetery, unload the body and leave it on the ground to be buried (often in unmarked graves). If you had a family and you weren't black or Latino, you were buried on the south side, with some sort of grave marker – perhaps just a plain, wooden remembrance, or maybe a fancy, carved or cast tombstone. In this case, accompanied by this Gorgeous Rose!! 5’ tall and 4’-5’ wide when mature, vigorous grower, no problems from pests or diseases. 2” - 2 1/2” blooms throughout the growing season are crimson red. My guess is that this is some variety of old bourbon Rose. Highly fragrant and lasts well in vases.

Received 25 May 2019 as a tiny well-rooted cutting. I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do!
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