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Initial post 16 MAY 13 by goncmg
This is a "breaks my heart" situation for most likely it is extinct. A deep red/yellow bicolor is not very common and in a climber extremely rare, this one was IT. I also had this one, from Edmunds, and I loved it. Lost it/left it behind in a move and always thought it was unique enough to stay around but evidentally this was not to be. Looking through my old ARS annuals and the POP's, Vintage Wine was actually "better" reviewed. It wasn't a FLOP. Just seemed to catch nobody's favor. Although somewhat smaller and LESS formal in shape, DARK NIGHT is close to this one..............with roses it truly is staggering how quickly the future can slip into the past and how some totally non-descript varieties remain even if in the specialty nurseries while something like Vintage Wine may very well be lost...................
Reply #1 of 5 posted 16 MAY 13 by Nastarana
I was surprised to learn, from a most reputable source, that at the big rose companies, such as J & P, the rose breeders, such as Messires Carruth and Zary, had no control over which of the many plants they bred would be introduced, nor over naming. We mustn't blame breeders for "Sentimental" (get it, hah hah) or "Ch-ching" ( I wonder who dreamed that one up?). No doubt, someone in a corp office decided to promote, eg, Joseph's Coat instead of other brilliantly colored climbers. Such is life these days.

Maybe if you put word out that you would like to trade for a cutting you might find that someone still has it?
Reply #2 of 5 posted 16 MAY 13 by goncmg
Laughing here, Nastarana, because I HATE the name "Ch-Ching" and many others such as "Girls Night Out" and anything along the lines of "Way to Go!" or "What a Winner!" (think I made those up but you get what I mean)....yeah, it IS all BIG BUSINESS, just like the fashion world, with trends coming and going and certain houses pulling more weight...frustrating though it is, I am truly fascinated by this angle of the rose world............
Reply #3 of 5 posted 16 MAY 13 by Nastarana
The naming is annoying enough but what truly irritated me was the incomprehensible way the major rose companies would decide which roses to sell and which to discontinue. You have heard about Rose Rhapsody, which one of the big guys dropped for no apparent reason and which Heirloom was able to pick up? From all accounts it is a fine and fragrant HT, though possibly not hardy where I am. By the time you might decide to buy a rose you had been admiring in your neighbor's yard, and remember it takes at least three years for a rose to reveal itself in all its' glory, it would likely be no longer available.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 9 NOV 17 by cinsia
I have a plant of Vintage Wine that was given to me last year by a local rose garden. It has yet to bloom in the large pot I planted it in. As soon as it does I plan on posting a photo to verify it is what I was told. Once it gets large enough I plan on propagating it from cuttings.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 23 JUL by BajazzoHT
Hello. Looking over my messages I remember trying to fine one back again. I am able to root year round. I would certainly purchase a couple of rooted plants from you or some cuttings. Please let me know.

Jason Derer Thank you.

PS Many people were not happy with it because they said the blooms were too large for the size of the plant. And of course they will split. I LOVED IT!
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Initial post 18 MAY 16 by RJRichardson
We recently purchased the Helene Schoen home in Vancouver, Washington. In the short time we have had the home, we have come to greatly admire and respect Mrs. Schoen for so many things. Unfortunately, the grounds of her home have been neglected since her passing. We are undertaking a major project to restore the grounds to her vision and their grandeur. Unfortunately, there are no roses on the property anymore. We would like to re-introduce the Helen Schoen Rose to the property in her honor. If anyone can assist us with how we might obtain/purchase this rose to plant on the property, we would appreciate your direction and assistance.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 JUN by BajazzoHT
Hello. I have just found your post. If you are still out there, I have this HT in my garden in Healdsburg, CA.

We are in severe drought here now. She will be saved if any of my roses are. I hope to start more cuttings of it and hope to keep it alive and out there.

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Initial post 9 FEB by BajazzoHT
Hello Floyd. I see that you updated your HelpMeFind listing of plants grown. We have tried to find Virginia but
just as we looked for it, growers stopped growing it. I am wondering if we could get some cuttings of it from your plant. I just cannot find it at all. Thanks, Jason Derer in Healdsburg, CA
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Initial post 2 JAN 21 by BajazzoHT
Does anyone know of a plant of Madras? I put some 30 plants of it in the Atlanta Botanical Garden way back in the mid 1980's, but cannot find it now. I would like to grow it again. Cuttings would be great!! Jsn
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