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Initial post 11 MAR 23 by HeathRose
Can anyone comment on the black spot resistance of this rose in a rainy climate? Also the shrub shape?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 JUN by ratdogheads
Blackspot resistance is very poor in rainy, humid New England. If I diligently spray fungicide, it can be a nice enough bush, without spray it completely defoliates. The shrub remains short and width is in balance with the height. Canes are twiggy, relatively thin, but usually capable of holding the weight of the blooms, which are full but not terribly heavy.
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Initial post 27 OCT 22 by ratdogheads
Cane hardy in zone 5a
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Initial post 2 OCT 21 by ratdogheads
Grafted on multiflora, first year growth was upright and narrow, reached nearly 5’. Healthy foliage and black spot resistant in wet, hot, humid New England summer. Bloom production was average.
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Initial post 7 AUG 21 by ratdogheads
This rose has it all: Strong fragrance, lovely non-fading color, plentiful, full, old fashioned blooms that are sun and rain tolerant and held erect on sturdy stems; abundant and attractive foliage, even growth, and has been impervious to blackspot (without spray) during hot and wet summer. Now we wait to see how hardy it will be. First year plant grafted on multiflora grown in z 5b NH in acidic loamy soil.
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