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Pink Surprise rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of JasonSims1984
Photo taken June 17th showing growth since previous photos. Obviously this is a very vigorous hybrid. I am so excited to be using this cultivar for further hybridizing. I want to use it as a replacement for china roses in places where chinas are used too frequently. For instance, I will make a replica Bourbon rose with Autumn Damask crossed with this to create a cross that skips the blackspot problems but has really strong rebloom and good foliage. Then I would proceed to introduce that line into tetraploid roses. Also, I'd cross this with Felix Leclerc and Kordesii roses.
Uploaded 17 JUN 18
Paradise ™ rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of JasonSims1984
Paradise is a gorgeous lavender color that is very pure and clean. Definitely on the blue side of mauve like Blue Girl, but the blue color is very faint and reads as a bright white on first glance. The outer petal edges react to ultraviolet light from the sun by blushing a bright fuschia magenta color. In a greenhouse, protected from UV, the bloom is a solid lavender. Paradise is very unique and it grows well for a lot of people. It should be grown on its own roots if you live in a cold climate. It is quite cold hardy due to the influence of Rosa foetida bicolor in its ancestry. Hardy to zone 4 own roots, budded it is not reliably hardy.
Uploaded 25 MAY 18
Félix Leclerc rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of JasonSims1984
File uploaded June 13th, 2018. Photo taken roughly around that time. This photo is basically just a young plant showing its glossy foliage. It survived completely neglected in a band sized plastic pot over winter. Imagine my surprise the following year after realizing I never planted it!
Uploaded 13 JUN 18
Pink Surprise rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of JasonSims1984
A band size plant from RVR. Wesdnesday, May 23rd 2018. 'Pink Surprise' is a diploid bracteata x rugosa cross. I hope it will end up being useful for hybridizing really tough roses that are good survivors.
Uploaded 23 MAY 18
Pink Surprise rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of JasonSims1984
Uploaded 10 JUN 18
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