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Damian Brodie
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Initial post 29 JUN 14 by brittie
Reply #1 of 3 posted 30 JUN 14 by Damian Brodie
So glad you think so & thankyou for taking the time to comment!
Reply #2 of 3 posted 22 AUG 15 by styrax
Does it blotch?
Reply #3 of 3 posted 25 AUG 15 by Damo
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Initial post 27 JAN 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Is the wichurana x 'Floradora' listed in the pedigree of 'Green Ice' the same as '0-47-19' or a different seedling of the same cross? If so, is there any way to fix this so that other crosses using '0-47-19' show in its lineage?
Reply #1 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by HMF Admin
That would be a reasonable assumption. Maybe Paul Barden or Kim Rupert can weigh in on this.

Yes, we can replace the unnamed cross with the proper id once confirmed.
Reply #2 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
Yes, the seed parent of Green Ice is 0-47-19. Ralph used this rose extensively. There were one or two odd things he created using other seedlings of the cross, but, other than one huge, ugly climber which only saw very local distribution and is surely extinct, all of the others were 0-47-19 seedlings. Kim
Reply #3 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by HMF Admin
Thank you for the clarification Kim - your participation is immensely valued and appreciated.
Reply #4 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
You're most welcome! Help Me Find is an invaluable resource. Any part I can play in increasing the avaialble information is my pleasure!
Reply #5 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Thanks... this will apply to almost all the varieties in this list then too, except obvious ones like 0-47-19 itself and others like 'Softee':

Maybe another way to improve the 'findability' of these roses (and to help raise awareness of the importance of 0-47-19 as well) would be to do as has been done for a Lens creation listed as 'R. wichuraiana X Ballerina' where both plants are mentioned in the name and treated as a single listing so it would come up in searches for Rosa wichurana as well. Maybe a listing for 'Rosa wichurana x Floradora' can be created and made a synonym for 0-47-19?
Reply #6 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
Sounds like a great idea to me, Simon. A similar situation exists when discussing 1-72-1, his other prolific breeder. Often, Sequoia provided the information, "seedling" or the cross, Little Darling X Yellow Magic. Everything he created from that cross was 1-72-1, not its sister seedling, 1-71-1, Rise'n Shine. 1-72-1 produced yellow offspring while Rise'n Shine makes mostly white or pale colors. Ralph wasn't after pastel colors. He wanted YELLOW.
Reply #7 of 19 posted 27 JAN 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Roses like 'Frostfire', 'Little Mike', 'Magic Dragon', and 'Red Wand', that have 0-47-19 listed in the lineage would also need dealing with individually (I wonder what the 'seedling' for the first three was???). I've read about 1-72-1 on Paul's website (here: but haven't begun studying it like I am 0-47-19.
Reply #8 of 19 posted 28 JAN 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
Unfortunately, those seedlings not named aren't recorded.
Reply #9 of 19 posted 29 JAN 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Another note about 'Green Ice'. It appears to be at least semi-fertile here. I have about 40 pots of it I'm growing on for my Son's school fair and they are doing it tough at the moment... but at least 5-6 pots of it are forming OP hips. I have one 'Green Ice' x 'Veilchenblau' hip forming at the moment as well. Produces almost no pollen but seems to accept some pollens. This is the second year it has accepted multiflora or hybrid multiflora pollen. Will be trying hybrid musk ('Cornelia') on it next year (or in the next few weeks if I can induce 'Cornelia' to flower again).
Reply #10 of 19 posted 8 FEB 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
Have you brought any of the seed from Green Ice to germination yet, Simon? That would be a very interesting thing to see! Good luck with them.
Reply #11 of 19 posted 8 FEB 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Have this one from a few years ago:

There is a swag of OP hips and a single GI x 'Veilchenblau' hip forming now that will hopefully be up next season :)
Reply #12 of 19 posted 8 FEB 10 by Rupert, Kim L.
That's pretty! Congratulations! You have succeeded in raising the only known seedling to have ever been created by Green Ice. It didn't prove very willing in Ralph's hands, so he didn't push it. I love that and Little Eskimo qne Jet Trail. All three made lovely little cushions of clean, cool white in my heat. Very nice little roses. Good luck with your Veilchenblau cross. If you have Violette, you'll get more mauves from it than Veilchenblau. Ralph used those two and Baby Faurax, which was reported by Harry Wheatcroft to be the dwarf, repeat blooming sport of Veilchenblau. Only Violette gave him mauve. The others gave predominantly pinks.
Reply #13 of 19 posted 8 FEB 10 by Simon Voorwinde
Thanks.. I'm glad you like it. It is well behaved in every way and I'm trying to propagate it now to protect it from mishap (as I nearly lost it this year when I moved it during a very hot spell) and to trial it in different areas. I hope, in a few years time, it will be the first rose I release.

I have found that 'Green ice' seems to accept quite a lot of multiflora hybrid pollens. Last season I only put pollen from my understock multiflora hybrid onto it and got a single hip with a single seed in it. It didn't germinate. So this season I was thinking I would try multiflora hybrid pollen on it again and 'Violette' wasn't big enough yet to flower well (made a few little flowers but not many... and that pollen was destined for 'Rhapsody in Blue' and 'Sweet Chariot', neither of which took). 'Veilchenblau' was larger and made copious amounts of pollen so it got the chance this season... with any luck 'Violette' will be larger next season (I have found it hard to get 'Violette' established here for some reason *shrugs*) and speaking of 'Sweet Chariot', it's basically a hybrid multilfora too I so might give that a go on it as well as some of those Angel Wing seedlings, which you guys said were probably descended from multiflora 'nana' on RHA. If it likes multiflora-type pollen maybe some hybrid musk pollen might work on it too. I'll duck out and photograph the hips forming on it right now too as they would be useful for HMF's records I think...

EDIT: come to think of it... I've had a few successes this season with low-odds crosses... there is this 'Green Ice' x 'Veilchanblau', 'Temple Bells' x 'Anemone', and 'Altissomo' x 'Euphrates'.... all forming nice fat hips here at the moment... exciting times :)
Reply #14 of 19 posted 19 JAN 15 by Plazbo
Did anything germinate from the crosses?
Reply #15 of 19 posted 20 JAN 15 by Simon Voorwinde
Green Ice x Veilchenblau was a mildewy mess and was culled. The rest failed to germinate. It's one thing to get seeds... but it doesn't mean anything till they come up ;)
Reply #16 of 19 posted 20 JAN 15 by Plazbo
Well that's unfortunate. I got one because I wanted miniature genes and of what was available it looked the nicest...maybe I'll get better results but doesn't seem likely.
Reply #17 of 19 posted 20 JAN 15 by Damian Brodie
You might be pleasantly surprised. Just because another breeder ends up with nothing from a rose doesn't mean that you will as well. Different roses chosen by different breeders can make all the difference.
Reply #18 of 19 posted 20 JAN 15 by Plazbo
It's possible, was more a general reference to the surprise posters had to the fertilitity of this rose so already seems like an up hill battle on that front. I'll attempt to cross pollinate this for the rest of the season (southern hemisphere), plant has a lot of new buds still forming and two dozen or so existing flowers so opportunity isn't a factor, will see how it goes just not expecting anything from it.
Reply #19 of 19 posted 21 JAN 15 by Simon Voorwinde
I am in Tasmania, Australia... a world away from where 'Green Ice' was born :) It could behave very differently here. It's worth trying roses even if they are reputed to be be stubborn breeders because you just don't know how something will behave in your own climate. Try it with non-multiflora roses. Multiflora-type roses are notorious for introducing mildew. It just needs the right partner :)
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Initial post 14 JAN 15 by wernersen
Is there any news about lemon zen? I would love to see more photos.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 JAN 15 by Damian Brodie
I would like to see more photos too. Love the look of this rose!
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Initial post 5 DEC 14 by Rosentrost
I'd like to know the parents!
Let me guess: Hot Chocolate oder Brown velvet or Terracotta?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 5 DEC 14 by HMF Admin
Wouldn't we all !
Reply #2 of 3 posted 6 DEC 14 by Damian Brodie
Going by the look of the bloom & breeder code I am going to guess that this seedling is out of 'Grimaldi'! Very eyecatching bloom!
Reply #3 of 3 posted 6 DEC 14 by Michael Garhart
Its likely Grimaldi. I got similar coloration from Livin Easy x Baby Love in one seedling, but it was composted, due to every other non-flower traits (thorny climbing miniflora, single bloom... not commercial !).

The eye is the dead give away that its not from the roses listed. They rarely make gold eyes.
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