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18 APR 23
So I had a bit of free time and got bored with the look of the site, and started messing with CSS in Stylus. I'm liking this look quite a lot at the moment. Shots show it in a 1440 wide window (scaled down due to HMF's restrictions on image size), as well as a 900 wide window and a 480 wide window (roughly smartphone size).

Still WIP, but I am having quite a bit of fun with it. :)
14 APR 23
Stuck three cuttings of 'Archduke Charles' today, due to a cane breaking off in a strong wind. A bit of an impromptu experiment.

One slim cutting with leaves. Two chunkier cuttings without leaves but with plenty of nodes. All are in 100mm (4") pots with a plastic bottle "greenhouse" cover, mainly because I didn't feel like doing doggy bags again so thought I would try this.

Edit: These all failed to strike.
21 AUG 21
August 22, 2021 - One of these cuttings is doing something unusual. It has just started putting up two new stems from below ground level. These are visible in the photo below. They only appeared the other day, well after the cutting had struck and developed into a small plant.
9 MAY 21
One of the cuttings shown below, but now after 10 weeks. FIrst bloom is out. The rest will be debudded to give the plant more time to establish, but I wanted to see how the first one looked. Scent is light but pleasant. Scent may strengthen once the plant is more established.

Added two more shots, of the same bloom later in the day. First shot was taken around 8 am. Second and third shots around 4 pm.
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