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4 OCT 16
It will be interesting to see how this goes. It was a mix-up on the part of the nursery. I had ordered McGredy's 'Chanelle', and received 'Charisma' instead. I was quite surprised when the first bloom popped out.

Anyway, one of the reasons I chose Chanelle (apart from looks and scent) was its known resistance to blackspot. There are varying reports on Charisma's resistance to this disease, so growing it at my place will be a bit of an experiment. If it's badly susceptible to blackspot, I'll certainly find out. If it isn't, I'll find that out too.

Naturally, I'm hoping it does well. It's a nice looking rose, even if it's nothing like Chanelle. The scent is only mild in strength, but is pleasant nonetheless.
16 SEP 16
Well, I had a 100% success rate with those cuttings: they all snuffed it.
6 AUG 16
Not so tall and whippy now. After the gales we've had recently, I thought a shorter stature would do it good while it got itself sorted. Still plenty of plant left, so it shouldn't sulk, and I now have a few Tillier cuttings in reserve.
6 AUG 16
So this one got hit by a howling gale the other day. The main stem was tall and rather spindly (came that way from the nursery) and unfortunately got broken off just above the union with the rootstock.

So, I now have a Tea that has unintentionally been pruned drastically. It'll be interesting to see if it sulks as badly as Teas are supposed to when things like this happen. There are two other small branches coming off the base. so hopefully they will pick up the slack and keep going.

The bit that had to be amputated has now been turned into cuttings. Some of them are a bit iffy (figured I might as well use it all) but some should be good to go. With a bit of luck, a nasty accident will result in me having several Delizy's for the price of one.

Anyway the black spot has cleared itself up, so no worries there.
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