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Initial post 21 MAY by Elizabethspetals
Goodness, that’s a gorgeous color, Alana! Is it really such a dark purple? I sure wish I could grow a few gallicas. I’m always attracted to what I can’t grow here. Isn’t that always the way? Yours is very beautiful! Lisa
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 MAY by AlanaSC
Thank you! Yes ! It's that exact color?Where do you live? Do you have winter chill? I didn't know I could grow them until I tried! You never know!
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Initial post 7 FEB by Elizabethspetals
Goodness, Joey; I’m obviously seriously enamored with your photo of Queen Nefertiti. I was looking her up again, and decided to leave a comment on your lovely picture. I then saw that I had already done so, just over 4 months ago. I hesitated before leaving this second comment, but I decided to do so anyway. Your picture draws me in EVERY time I go to this page. I haven’t moved mine to a sunnier location yet, and it’s not blooming much. The other roses around my Queen Nefertiti are now casting even more shade on her than before. I’ve run out of space, but each time I see yours I’m convinced I need to find one for this rose. Thanks (again) for the great pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing your spring blooms! Lisa
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 MAR by JoeyT
I just found your comment and although it is very late I wanted to say thank you again. I am looking forward to spring, right now she is buried under two feet of snow and I can't wait to see how she does after a year of established growth. Looking forward to seeing pictures of yours too! Joey.
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Initial post 1 NOV 19 by Elizabethspetals
Joey, I continue to be impressed with your Queen Nefertiti. I purchased mine from High Country Roses, as well. I’m thinking mine might not be very happy in the morning sun only area I planted it in. I’m not getting blooms the way I did when it was still potted and kept in more sun. Yours continues to give me hope that if I move it, it will perform as beautifully as yours. You always have the most wonderful pictures of your Queen Nefertiti. Well done! Lisa
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 NOV 19 by JoeyT
Lisa thank you so much for the kind comments. I don't feel like I do very much for this rose, a dab of fertilizer here and there, but not on a set schedule or anything, and it just blooms like crazy. It is a bit of a water hog, I am still adjusting to not living in the desert, so some of my roses have been getting a little overwatered, but Queenie seems to like it a bit soggy. Hope yours settles in and give you as much enjoyment as mine has for me! Joey.
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Initial post 22 JUL 19 by Elizabethspetals
I see that this picture answers the question I asked about container growing. Yours has longer canes than either of mine do. I’m hoping they will not outgrow their containers. Those same hanging containers held my Cream Verandas for several years no problem, until I went out of town and my boys didn’t water them during a heatwave. Do you think these will be comparable in size to Cream Veranda? My Cream Verandas were on their own roots, and I’m inexperienced with multiflora rootstock. Thanks. Lisa
Reply #1 of 2 posted 22 JUL 19 by helengarden
Hi Lisa,
HMF displays its height as 20" so I think it can be in a container. I don't have Cream Veranda so I'm not sure. However, based on HMF they both seem like compact roses.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 22 JUL 19 by Elizabethspetals
Thanks for your quick reply, Helen. That’s what I wanted to hear. It seemed comparable to Cream Veranda size-wise. I just wasn’t sure if the multiflora rootstock would affect Pompon Flower Circus’ mature size. I really know nothing about rootstock, except for Dr. Huey. I usually buy roses on their own roots, unless I have no other choice,( or I find a great deal on a rose on Dr. Huey locally.). Thanks again, and I’ve really enjoyed your pictures. Lisa
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