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5/7: rec'd from ARE FD, Brazos Belle and Hermosa. Also Dan's 4 rose MAC, TA, Cadenza & Deanna Krauss.5/12: Transplanted DarkDesire to front bed. small roots.5/13: transplanted Barcelona And White Pet to SE upper bed. Planted RdeV and Purple Skyliner to metal fence.5/16: Planted out Brazos Belle and Hermosa in front bed.5/27: RdeV dead. Replaced with Victorian Memory. FelixLeClerc probably dead.5/28: transplanted Clotilde Soupert x2 to Eastern portion of front bed. Holes were soaked and boggy/smelly! Planted Red Cascade to East front bed with cage. Struck Lindee cutting in NE corner of upper bed behind fern/hydrangea.
Transplanted small C.Mas to exterior brick wall. 4/3: Transplanted Quietness. Brought out of pool room eight (8) roses: Ballerina x2, Viking Queen, Purple Skyliner, VictorianMemory, TeasingGeorgia,The Fairy & FelixLeClerc.4/4: Marion cutting $5.35: 13xLady Ashe planted by Aloha,7xPinkDonJuan planted behing Setina,7xQuietness planted under SH(4) and Nahem(3).4/6:Pruned, granuled and toned S&SE upper beds.Granuled and toned roses until Bolero. Must drench &Tone MW, NDx2 and all remaining roses.4/7:Toned all remaining Rose's on upper level. Need to drench and 10-10-10 MW,Ndx2 & all remaining upper roses. 4/8: mowed lawn 1st time. Fertilized and finished pruning roses to fountain.Still need to drench. Buds on SR, MP,DB, Egl, ND,etc!!!4/16 drenched25 upper Rose's. Need to do west VQ.

Drench concentrate 1/9. 5tbs concentrate / 48oz.Then 8tbs/2qts.....48oz. 2oz/qt=24qts or 24 Rose's. 24qts =6gal. 8ozmixed concentrate per gallon.

4/18 & 4/20: Drenched all remaining roses. MinP & Waiheke setting bud.4/21: planted Violet Mix and 'Orange Emperor' tulips in front beds. Planted Teasing Georgia next to metal fence.4/24: removed 4x small figs from pool room.4/25:Elmer mowed lawn. Got gas. Planted 'Mystic van Eijk' Tulip in back top border. 4x each on W &E sides. Removed 2x large Chicago figs from pool room.4/4/28: Someone stole Quietness cutting from front porch! Moved all roses and cuttings to back.
Remaining cuttings: 4/29: Windrush,The Fairy, Flamenco Rosita, La Belle Sultane, Felix LeClerc, Ballerina (d?), Duchess de Brabant (struggling),Red Cascade, Bloomfield Abundance (probably dead), Weigelia,Waiheke, Moonlight in Paris, White Pet x2, Reine des Violettes, Pink Pet, NOID 8/23,NOID white flower, possibly Danae or Mel's Heritage, Wedding Cake, Quietness, Mel's Heritage, Aloha, MAC, NOID MAC, Mme. Plantier, La Reine x2, Purple Skyliner.
March 3rd. Sprayed front roses with dormant oil, except Florentina & Phyllis Bide.
Cuttings.windrush x1, Quietness x3, Aloha x1, Evelyn x1,MAC? ,MmePlantier x1, PurpleSkyliner x1, Mel'sHeritage x2, Bloomfield Abundance x1,DdDr.Reynaud x1, Wedding Cake x2, PinkPet x2 (1xd?), BaronnePrevost x1(d?), Cl.Jackie, LaReine x2, ToothFairy x2(d?), MACx3, JayneAustin x1, NOID 8/23 rose, NOID dk Pink, Marchessa Boccella x1, NOID, BelleBiblis (D?), Comice deTetGaronne x1, Danae x1(D?), White Pet x2, NOID WeddingCake x1, Reine des Violettes x1, LaMarne x1(D?), Flamenco Rosita x1.::

Mar8: Menard's $8.98 Moonlight in Paris, (for Dan) $6.97 The Fairy, SallyHolmes, Oklahoma. 3/09: Repotted MiP. Dan transplanted NewDawn to his house. 3/24: Planted Mixed Iris Hollandica bulbs.3/25: Planted Daffodils and transplanted Cinco de Mayo Violet's Pride. 3/26: Moses cutting arrived. I ow him $9.25!!! Pruned all roses in front.3/28: Transplanted large Cornus Mas to front wall. Granules and Tone to half front roses until 2nd Zaide. Used HollyTone on2xHMs (LL&SH). 3/30: (Tree fell over) Granules and tone to all front roses except Fl&PBide. Z cutting callused!!!
30 JAN
Cuttings: Windrush, Cantagebriensis, Cl. Jackie x2, AdeL(d?), Porcelain rose (d?),Cardinal de Richelieu, Heritage, Evelyn, MAC x2?, Purple Skyliner, Mme. Plantier, DdeDr. Renault,Bloomfield Abundance, Mel's Heritage x2,Jean LaJoie x2 (1xd?), General Jacqueminot, Eugene Furst, Wedding Cake x2, Pink Pet x2, Baron Prevost x2 (1xd?), La Reine x2,ToothFairy (d?),Jayne Austin, Danae (d?), NOID VQ dark pink, NOID x3 (1 repotted 8/23), Marchessa Boccella, NOID LaMarne (d?), Belle Biblis (1xd?), William Baffin (d?),AdeL (d?), Curly Pink (d?), Comice de Tarne et Garonne,Danae, White Pet x2, NOID (possibly Wedding Cake), Flamenco rosita, Tooth fairy, LaMarne (d?), Mme Plantier (d?), MAC x2, Ellen Poulsen, Reine des Violettes.Quietness x3. Aloha on Avocado tree.
N.B.: Since moving cuttings to vestibule there's been no further death on prior healthy cuttings.Vestibule gets too cold. Bathroom is fine? if cutting are contained in plastic bags.
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