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30 JAN
Cuttings: Windrush, Cantagebriensis, Cl. Jackie x2, AdeL(d?), Porcelain rose (d?),Cardinal de Richelieu, Heritage, Evelyn, MAC x2?, Purple Skyliner, Mme. Plantier, DdeDr. Renault,Bloomfield Abundance, Mel's Heritage x2,Jean LaJoie x2 (1xd?), General Jacqueminot, Eugene Furst, Wedding Cake x2, Pink Pet x2, Baron Prevost x2 (1xd?), La Reine x2,ToothFairy (d?),Jayne Austin, Danae (d?), NOID VQ dark pink, NOID x3 (1 repotted 8/23), Marchessa Boccella, NOID LaMarne (d?), Belle Biblis (1xd?), William Baffin (d?),AdeL (d?), Curly Pink (d?), Comice de Tarne et Garonne,Danae, White Pet x2, NOID (possibly Wedding Cake), Flamenco rosita, Tooth fairy, LaMarne (d?), Mme Plantier (d?), MAC x2, Ellen Poulsen, Reine des Violettes.Quietness x3. Aloha on Avocado tree.
N.B.: Since moving cuttings to vestibule there's been no further death on prior healthy cuttings.Vestibule gets too cold. Bathroom is fine? if cutting are contained in plastic bags.
Cuttings: ToothFairy x3, CdRichelieu x3, EugeneFurst x2, JayneAustin x2, PorcelainRose, WhitePet x2,LaReine x2, Quietness x3, William Baffin, SDLM Rouge x2 (1 possibly dying), AdeLyon x2, MAC, LaMarne x2, FlamencoRosita,Aloha,Reine deViolette, Jean LaJoie x2 ( 1dying), Mel'sHeritage x2, GeneralJacqueminot, BaronnePrevost x2, ClJackie,x2, ThePrince (could be dying), WeddingCake 2,MmePLantier x3, EllenPoulsen, MarquessaBoccella x2, BelleBiblis,CurlyPink,Mutabilis (probably dead), LavenderDream, Champney'sPinkCluster, Cantabrigiensis, Windrush, Complicata, BloomfieldAbundance,PurpleSkyliner, Dieul deDrReynaud,8cEvelyn,14aHeritage, PinkPet, Comice deTarn et Garonne, Danae x2, NOID MAC x2, NOID VQ, NOID faded white tag 8-23-2019, NOID Fa probably dead, NOID WeddingCake, NOID x2.(MmeLeVv, Evelyn).

1/18-19/21: moved vestibule plants into solarium to prevent freezing small rooted cuttings and die-back on larger ones.
16 DEC
Cuttings: ToothFairy x3, WeddingCake x2, MAC x 3, PurpleSkyliner, MmePLantier x2, Mel'sHeritage x2, BloomfieldAbundance,
DdeDr.Reynaud, Quietness x3, Danae x2, JayneAustin x2, 14aHeritage, 8c Evelyn, LaReine x2, WhitePet x2, PinkPet, CdeTetGaronne, MAC?, 1stLight, Taffleck, AdeLyon x2, what?, OLofG, Windrush, EllenPoulsen, LaMarne x2, Flamenco Rosita, Aloha, RdeViolette, ElegantDesign, BaronPrevost, Gnl.Jacqueminot, ThePrince, EugeneFurst x4, Veilchenblau x2, SDLMRouge x2, BaltimoreBelle, WilliamBaffin, JeanLaJoie x2, JohnCabot, LilacRose, ClJackie x2, GoldenWings, PorcelainRose, BelleBiblis x2, CdeRichelieu x2or3, MarchessaBoccella, 11a Cantabrigiensis x2,LavenderDream, CurlyPink, 3c ChPCluster,Mutabilis, R. Complicata, NOID x 7? MLeV,white tag, MAC,WC,Evelyn.
RootedCuttings 10/31: ToothFairyx3, WeddingCake x2, Gifted cutting with white tag transplanted 8/23 (MAC?) MAC x3, Purple Skyliner, MmePlantier x, Mel'sHeritagex2, Bloomfield Abundance, DdeDr. Reynaud, Quietness x3, Danae x2, JayneAustin, NoidMmeLeVv, 14aHeritage, 8c Evelyn,m NOID WeddingCake:, LaReine x2, WhitePet x2, PinkPet or MAC,CdeTetGaronne, PinkPet or MAC white flower, 1stLight, TAffleck, AdeLyon x2,PinkPet, Mutabilish, OLofGx2, LoSH, Windrush, EllenPoulsen, LaMarnex2 Flamenco Rosita, Aloha, RdV, ElegantDesign, BaronPrevost x2, GeneralJacqueminot, Cl.Jackie,ThePrince, EugeneFurst, ALMcD,Veilchenblaux2, SDLMRouge (2)2, BaltimoreBelle,WilliamBaffinx2, JeanLaJoie x2.

CUTTINGS 11/1: PorcelainRose, BelleBiblisx2, CdRichelieu x2, EugeneFurst (2)2, NOIDEvelyn, MarchesBocella, BelleBiblis x2,FA s21, LoSH x2, Catabrigiensis x2, R.Hugonis x2, LavenderDream x2, CurlyPink x2, NOID, Champney'sPinkCluster, Mutabilis x2, R.Complicata, HawkeyeBelle x2, JohnCabot, T.Affleck, LilacRose (2)1(1), Cl.Jackie x2, NOID x3, Ennering anBrod,
CUTTINGS with Callus: Mutabilis,GoldenWings,CurlyPink x2, BaronPrevost, NOID Evelyn orT.Affleck, M.Boccella x3, Heritage, 1stLight x2, NOID, Windrush x2, Charlotte, Ch,P,Cluster x3(1).

11/9: retrieved gifted figs from Cath12 in Dayton. Petite Negri x3, Violette de Bordeaux x1, Chicago Hardy (Bensonhurst Purple) x2. To repot, cut off 5'" from bottom and make 3 pie-shaped vertical cuts while DORMANT. If done while actively growing , it will KILL the plant! In Spring get 2x 1/2barrels, Indigo and NOID 1x blooming cutting and Fields of the Woods. Roses moved to pool room with figs: DdB.BAbundance,RedCascade,Weigelia,TheFairy,VictorianMemory, TeasingGeorgia,FeliLeClerc,LaBelleSultane,VQ,EllieBeauvillain,Lafrance,Ballerinax2, PurpleSkyliner, NOID R.Mulitflora, Devoniensis.
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