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Initial post 1 JUN 12 by goncmg
For years the topic of "dedteriorated/-ating" cultivars has been discussed. Deterioration through overbudding/poor budding practices, virused plant material, and so on (and I believe it is generally accepted Peace simply HAS deteriorated at this point)....does anyone else find Fragrant Cloud much less robust and healthy now than it was years ago? Having a tough time getting a solid plant. Tried mail order, not robust. Tried the garden center here and the plant is barely making it along. Several years ago I had a really nice, healthy first year plant that ended up with both mosiac and witch's broom (the later is not a virus I realize)....just wondering if anyone else has experienced what might be a deterioration with Fragrant Cloud...
Reply #1 of 12 posted 3 JUN 12 by Jay-Jay
In the Rosarium of Winschoten NL, the bed with Fragrant Cloud looked ugly and de plants almost defoliated by blackspot and just a few of the appr. 50 or more plants stayed more or less alive till winter. They were pruneshoveled and replaced by a better performing variety,
On the photo You can see the roseplants stayed tiny before getting diseased.
Reply #3 of 12 posted 4 JUN 12 by goncmg
Great yet sad picture..........this is exactly what my last few have looked like, very tiny, struggling, never get any basal breaks...........
Reply #5 of 12 posted 4 JUN 12 by Jay-Jay
These were all on rootstocks. And it was the last season of them over there. (The colours aren't right, for my camera has difficulties capturing reds.)
At first, after I looked them up that year, I wanted to plant them in my garden, but when I saw, how they behaved in the Rosarium, I hesitated and decided not to grow them in our garden.
A good choice, considered afterwards.
Reply #7 of 12 posted 11 SEP 15 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Saw Fragrant Cloud in a pot for $10 at Menards, lots of blooms but bad-blackspot !! This is a dry week, so the store waters it with alkaline-tap water, pH near 9, which zaps out potassium. Other roses next to it are healthy: Queen Elizabeth, Oklahoma, Chrysler Imperial, etc. Fragrant Cloud was much healthier when we got rain (pH of rain is 5.6).
Reply #2 of 12 posted 3 JUN 12 by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
Hmm, I have two Fragrant Clouds -- one is a "virus indexed" own root version from Vintage and the other a Home Depot denizen on Dr. Huey. The Home Depot rose is MUCH more vigorous and healthy than the other one.
Reply #4 of 12 posted 4 JUN 12 by goncmg
Going to try to hunt one down if I can at Home Depot or the current sad little one is from a "better" garden center but the whole product looked awful and I bought one (last year) anyway.........this year's stock of FC is mostly dead at this nursery compared to huge and lovely (albeit perhapd doomed as summer ticks on) tiny pots of everyone else................every so often I find that a 1 1/2 grade of 2 grade rose "saved" from its wax and plastic sleeve or a "Home Depot" can really thrive. My current Royal Highness is gorgeous and vigorous and was on the clearance shelf 4 years ago at Wal-Mart. This year I have an Arizona from Meijers (basically a Wal-Mart) and a Mojave from a Menard's (basically a Home Depot) and they are bursting out basals, taking off.............without a doubt the best plant of Arizona I have ever grown............and what a nice surprise to see MOJAVE!
Reply #6 of 12 posted 5 JUN 12 by Seil
My Fragrant Cloud is a very weak grower. It's about 5 years old now and is still only 2 feet tall. I get one flush of a handful of blooms in the spring and maybe one bloom in the fall and that's about it. It seems to winter fine with little die back but it just doesn't want to grow or bloom much.
Reply #9 of 12 posted 26 APR 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thanks for the info. I wish more info. like that is available regarding own-root vs. Dr. Huey for particular rose. How's the vase life of Fragrant Cloud?? saw that cheap on Dr.Huey for less than $5, was tempted to buy it.
Reply #10 of 12 posted 26 APR 17 by BenT_TX
I have heard several reports on own-root Fragrant Cloud, and the consensus is that it's much better budded. Vase life is excellent, usually 5+ days for me, with a huge deep clove fragrance that can be smelled from afar. Really one of the most rewarding roses ever, if you can find a good plant.
Reply #11 of 12 posted 26 APR 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you, BenT_TX.
Reply #8 of 12 posted 26 APR 17 by BenT_TX
I agree most of the Fragrant Cloud out there is bad stock. I have tried it on multiflora (mail order from a reputable place), Dr Huey (big box store) and they have both produced puny disease ridden plant. I spray faithfully every week, and even blackspot magnets like Angel Face, Stainless Steel and Melody Parfumee are spotless, yet FC just sits idle and drops its leaves , like some incredible shrinking rose. I remember growing it many years ago when it was just about the most rewarding thing in my garden...bushy, floriferous, heat resistant, always pumping out new bronze foliage and clusters of big fragrant bloms. I recently bought one on Fortuniana, so far it's been rather sickly too, but it's only been 2 months so I'll give it more time.

Does anyone know a good source for this rose that was purchased recently? I'm determined to get a good plant of it since it one of my very favorites. I think I'll try Palatine this fall. I ordered some bareroot bushes from them for the 1st time this year, and they were the best I ever purchased, massive succulent root systems, plants that have grown lustily regardless of variety.

Edited to Add: I purchased a Fragrant Cloud grafted on Fortuniana last year from K&M Roses. In one year it grew to a nice dense 4ft bush loaded with big, strongly scented blooms. I can highly recommend K&M Roses as a source for a very healthy Fragrant Cloud, if Fortuniana rootstock is suitable for your area.
Reply #12 of 12 posted 24 JAN by happymaryellen
Good to heqr. I am on my second fc and ready to give up. Sooo much disease, in pot or ground. Even with fu ngicide. I am over it. So eone is giving me a rouge royale, hope it behaves better!
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Initial post 23 JUL by Lavenderlace
Sheila's Perfume has been performing much better than expected in an extended period of 110+ temperatures in southern Z8, no-spray. Still blooming with daily watering, very nice fragrance.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 NOV by BenT_TX
Thanks for the info, LL! I heard mixed reviews of how this one does in the heat, good to know it’s doing well for you in a similar climate to mine.
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Initial post 20 OCT by BenT_TX
The most wildly striped rose I own, and I mean that in a good way. George Burns’ stripes are especially bold and splashy, and they stay that way even in the hot summer, when many other stripes become too muted. The plant is more a little hybrid tea than a floribunda, very upright, large blooms sometimes almost five inches. It blooms well and holds size all season. The fragrance is excellent too , a strong rose and citrus. About the only fault is that it’s a bit fleeting, but overall I’m very happy with this one.
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Initial post 27 AUG by BenT_TX
I bought this rose against my better judgment, as most exotic colored roses in this color range tend to be shrink , burn, lose color and be disease ridden in my very hot and humid climate. What a surprise to find that it’s been an outstanding garden performer! Seems to always be covered in blooms, repeats fast and generously, keeping respectable size and petal count over an extremely hot summer. The color is truely royal and unique, very rich velvet dark red, sometimes with suffused with violet purple tones, and a cream yellow reverse. Sometimes the blooms take on russet tones as they age. Form is beautiful classic HT, nice spirals that show the interplay of colors. It has most incredibly beautiful glossy dark foliage too, looks like some carefully lacquered tropical houseplant. I agree this rose should have been named Dark Knight, it’s a mysterious beauty that Batman would grow, lol.
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