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Initial post 14 SEP 18 by drossb1986
I'm going to be honest: I found this at Home Depot was a body bag rose and couldn't resist. Everyone talked about it being so bad, so I had to see for myself. Frankly, I like this rose. Sure, it doesn't bloom a ton, but it's a stunner when it does. The color is much better than the comparable Love. It's not super vigorous, but it's no dud either. Call me crazy too, but it's so thorny, and they're so big, they're part of the charm. It's a bit enchanting for this monster-thorned rose to spit out a giant, gorgeous bloom. It will never be an all-star and never for someone wanting a giant bush throwing out bouquets at a time, but it's...special.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 days ago by BenT_TX
I bought a nice plant of it for $8 at the Certified Roses Trailer Sale in Tyler last year. I enjoy this rose as well. It’s not a variety to be relied on for lots of garden color, but those blooms it puts are are quite impressive. The blooms are heavy , petals thick and velvety, royal red with a white reverse really stands out. It’s stayed healthy with spray. Thorns are wicked!
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Initial post 25 NOV by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
What is your rootstock?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 days ago by BenT_TX
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Initial post 25 NOV by Matt's Northwest Florida Garden
Just an FYI, filled in raised beds around the trunk of you oak will eventually kill it. Takes many years for symptoms to manifest
Reply #1 of 3 posted 26 NOV by HMF Admin
That's a very interesting footnote.

Has anyone else observed this phenomenon ?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 28 NOV by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Yes, this is true.

Increasing the soil level around established oak trees often results in their demise. This has been demonstrated for many decades here in CA.

Usually Oak Root Fungus is the culprit, and yes, it can take years for them to die from infection. Increased irrigation speeds the process.

Older native oaks are especially susceptible.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 6 days ago by BenT_TX
No worries, the Live Oak tree does not have stone built around it, it’s an optical illusion . The raised beds contain only roses and perennials. The tree sits by itself in the middle of the yard level to the ground with only light edging around it.
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Initial post 6 days ago by BenT_TX
I must say that Julie Andrews was the only variety out of the 25 new roses I grew last year that I classified into the ’definitely dumpster’ category, and she got the fateful shovel at the end of the season. The blooms were not generous, she opened too fast, faded badly, the promised fragrance was largely missing. Usually I’ll give a rose a few years to improve, but in this case I thought even if she improved markedly in garden performance, the faults (fading like soiled kleenex, opening fast and pancake flat, mostly scentless) would still be too much.

As for the ’Grande Rose du Siecle’ award she won, I see several other modern roses have won it too, so there must be other roses those Lyonnaise liked this century, not just Julie. Still, I’m baffled that Julie won anything at all, just like I was when Marisa Tomei took home an Oscar. Perhaps all the other roses had been accidentally doused with Round-Up, leaving Julie the sole survivor to win. I don’t know and can only imagine.

The actress is wonderful and I’d love to grow her namesake, but just not This one.
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